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Who was your first LOLcow?

Discussion in 'Lolcow General' started by Pikonic, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Christian was the first I took an interest/liking to. But I signed up to the forum to discuss Thursday Lane who I have a peculiar enthrallment with. There's a lot of other lolcows discussed on this site and on the 'chans like Nick Bate who are deplorable as humans, and for whom I do a bit of rubbernecking. But I am mostly drawn to the lolcows who aren't bad people and have endearing qualities such as Christian and Diego/Thursday.
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    Sribgo A lot to bring to the table

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  2. Probably ADF, and only a few years ago. I'm pretty new to lolcow watching.

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  3. There were a number of lolcows on usenet (the infamous videogame developer Derek Smart comes to mind) and message forums in the mid to late 90s (in fact my username "simcut" is named after one), but the first one to really stand out for me with regular videos was reymon14 on Youtube!
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  4. The first one was Chris-Chan, back when TV Tropes could still be negative, GOD that was awesome...but the one that made me head dive into the mock world was TV Tropes community itself. So many lolcows!
  5. Youlkerstiend1. Back in the olden days of YouTube, he was someone with anger issues and constantly calls people a "FUCKING MORON", calling them out before saying that they need Jesus or something like that, then rambling on how he will transform YouTube into a "good Christian site".
  6. I knew a little about Chris Chan, but the first lolcows I actively followed were probably Irate Gamer and Onision.

    I forget why I joined Kiwi Farms, but the person who got me to stop lurking and start posting was Vade.
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  7. The thread on PK is what finally brought me out of my lurking phase.
    My personal cows were encountered Pre-Christian Weston Chandler so it had to be the mid 2000's.
    I was really into art around the time, so my first lolcow/EDVictim was SnapeSnogger.
    :powerlevel:I tried reaching out to her as a friend and fellow artist a few times on FanartCentral but in the end, after being treated like a troll or outright ignored over questions regarding marker techniques... I got to where I hated her about as much as half the internet seemed to at the time. :powerlevel:
    -It's good to see she's (mostly) grown up but she still has her lolcow interests like tf2 gayshipping and the like.

    I've also got a still-active "career"cow whom I met and befriended , also in my artfag days. I consider them a 'cow because they go through these weird fads that morph their personality. Once they were acting like a Dystopian Dictator in-training, then some Asian in an Italian mob and now they're acting like some sort of too-deep-too-edgy-toospooky4U hipster Spanish rebel who understands Che better than u on tumblr. You know, instead of doing something better with their talent and education.:c
    :powerlevel:We did art-trades and the like. (I'd do sculptures of their characters and they'd send sheets of doodles regarding mine) until suddenly I was a "mediocre artist" for a friend. They also accused me of taking advantage of them being "the better artist" out of the two of us. (Which is laughable because I also knew Squidman/Coelasquid then too.) I still have no idea, to this day, what caused them to pull a personality 180. I don't think they even remember who I am to answer that question, either. :powerlevel:
    -Damn-good artist, not for the subjects but for the shit-ton of tiny details and the backgrounds and robots.
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  8. The first lolcows that I encountered, way back in the old days of YouTube, were Fred the Hedgehog (who was later found out to be a troll) and Coolio the Hedgehog (who also seems to be a troll). I guess the first real lolcow that I encountered was CPSolderDan/SolderDanCP, who was on our team against these guys before Fred was found out to be a troll.
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  9. Chris-Chan.
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  10. Unattended Baby

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  11. Actually, I remember one that I encountered even earlier named Groudon457. Does anybody know what happened to him?
  12. It was CWC for me, and I spent a shitload of time on the CWCki last summer. It was kind of like coming a huge train crash that I never knew about, only to find a bunch of others marveling at it.
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  13. OPL is the first lolcow that I knew of after I was introduced to the concept of a cow. There were a few spergs on the gamefaqs message boards that I would mess with though before I found CWC, though
  14. Darksidephil and the CWC mayor soon after

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  15. It was ADF. I remember I lurked his tumblr for almost one week, completely appalled.

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  16. Margaret Palermo is what lead me to the farms. Chloe Sagal was my first obsession. I was amazed at the detective work done by some of the people here.
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  17. CWC was my first legit lolcow. But my first real exposure to proper lolcow tendencies was SoulessDragon when he moved from the Tichondrious WOW server to Dunemaul and made a public ass of himself there before getting laughed off the server.

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  18. Disneyfan.

    And random spergy forum members, but they're not worthy of having their own threads.

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