Who was your first LOLcow? -

Magnum Dong

whoops i dropped my monster condom
Baby's First Lolcow was Jessi Slaughter, before I was able to articulate that's what she was to me. I never dug too deep into her drama but do recall she was the first person who I observed like just to laugh at. I got really excited when she got a thread on here, then bummed that it hasn't been very active, although it's probably for the best that her current cringe level is sorta benign.

I got properly introduced to the concept of lolcows early last year (late, I know). I'd been obsessively following the TGWTG drama since 2011ish, but one night a risky click sent me to this site's "angry critics" thread and it's been a downward spiral since then

Kevin Spencer

Quadriplegic Girls Gone Wild
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Although I may have seen some before, my first notice of a lowcow and what it meant was when I started viewing CWC stuff. This was back oh, 6 or so years ago.

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