Who was your first LOLcow? -


So I did read up on Chris Chan on ED years back, like 2010. But my first real LolCow whom I’ve actually followed for a long time was Momokun on lolcow. I discovered KiwiFarms through her thread as well.

Gotta say, I really love the community. Thanks Momo!

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I found my very first lolcow in the far away years of the early 2000s. I found the wonderful webcomic of Boston & Shaun. As you can see this started back all the way in 99. This is the first run of Boston & Shaun, sadly it seem that the more resent comic where everyone is kangaroos is gone. The Deviant Art page is still up so you can see more art.

This comic may look like an innocent comic about a boy and his dragon that rips off Calvin & Hobbes, but anyone who's been on the internet long enough will see the telltale signs of furry fetish material. This comic introduced to me the feeder fetish, fattening fetish, pouch fetish, otherkin, plurals, and furries, and this guy may be a tranny as well, as you can see with this about page. Even Something Awful did a page about them back when it was a comedy website.

What happened to this early lolcow is anyone's guess, hopefully they live a normal life now. :optimistic:


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Technically it was Chris-chan, I watched him from afar before I even knew what lolcows were. After I discovered kiwifarms it was Abby Brown.

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Gunkid aka John Melvin Davis. Missed his greatest moments (he was the scourge of firearms and survival related forums way before I started to internet, aka earlY oughties) but it was great while it lasted (upto say 2010).


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Easy. The creator of Sonichu. No, not CWC. There was another Sonichu that was a blue pikachu. I think there was an early fanart with CWC staring at this other Sonichu. Can't be assed to look for it. The guy was honestly just some kid who posted his fanart on DA. Nothing really worthy of a thread by today's standards. Also can't remember who the creator was. Pls rate me autistic.



Nugget is a 13 year old girl over 20 year old (thanks arghovaprinciples) autist artist pedofag on Deviantart who has a rabid fanbase and makes low-rate fetish art using MSPaint (LITTLE GIRL INFLASHIUN ONLY!!1!).

If you even DARE criticize her, she will kill you!
View attachment 928412i wonder who that character nugget is killing supposed to be cause imma give em all of my support (the characters creator not nugget ofc)

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Spax and Richard Kuta I think are the first lolcows that I encountered online. I also like to think that Chris was one of the first, but I'm not certain. Definitely remember his escapades after Bob died, including the assault against Schneider, but am sketchy if I saw him during the Bluespike and JULAY era, or whether that was me searching it retroactively.



This is one of the first videos I remember watching on Youtube. I forget their names but there were these 'tards on DeviantArt obsessed with Thomas the Train and would pretend to be in relationships with them. This guy in particular was obsessed with Bratz/Winx Club.


For some reason my mind is drawing A blank on her name but years ago When Tumblr was big

There was this one chick who ore5y much pretended to have an rating disorder, would Photoshop her pictures to be thinner and made sock accounts and hate blogs against another girl (who I think was called Emily) and also posted in defense of herself on forums.