Who was your first LOLcow? -

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She is alive and doing well. Her Tumblr is deadtree where she writes dozens of posts defending every single thing Kyo did and she is crazier than ever. Idk what is wrong with me, but lolcows and their stupid behavior usually make me angry and upset, but kareki is one of those cows that genuinely make me laugh.

I think she is hilarious. It is incredibly easy to get a rise out of her. She really says the most ridiculous shit. I checked her tumblr and she hasn't changed one iota. Unbelievable.

Edit: No, I didn't touch the poo.

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PK was my first cow to see (albeit, I didn't actively know or consider them as such at the time) because I nearly joined the grooming ring PMDE as an autistic little child but pussied out because I doubted my art skills. Way to dodge a bullet.

Justin RPG was my first cow I heard of with the actual knowledge he was a cow. I just think he's fucking hilarious in a "how do you even exist, what sims townie spawn rng is this" way.

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I’m boring, Chris was my first cow. I was linked to the Sonichu wiki from... somewhere or other and fell down that rabbit hole, eventually making it to this forum.

My first non-Chris cow was probably ADF. I think I joined some time around the Schrodinger’s Stinkditch saga and that sucked me right in.


DSP and Chris chan were the first lolcows I knew by name
never used the term personally until middle school but anything before that were the sonic fags blackbustercritic use to shit on

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My first lolcow was mostly only in irl, he looked like if Curtis Armstrong and a tarded Keanu Reeves combined DragonBall style.
He dressed odd down to a solitary glove Michael Jackson style.
He also carried a teddy bear into bars and would get violent for very little reason.
The local newspaper had an unmoderated message board where you could commit wrongthink and we simply called him "Teddy bear boy".


First lolcow and the one that lead me here is none other than the luckiest pigroach in the world, DarkSydePhil. It all started with stumbling on a few of his TIHYDP videos but he dropped off my radar after watching a few, then sometime last year I got a referral to this site and the rest is history.


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CWC, via the sign destruction video. First thought was "good god, this guy sounds like a cartoon" then watched another video, and another, and another ...


While I have ran into CWC earlier, Andrew Dobson was interesting because he had potential and just just wasted it all away due to his own ego. But the one I have properly followed was DarksydePhil, the amount of content generated around him blew my mind. It made for a relatively good show too.