Who's the funniest minor lolcow? - And why


If you bore me, I shall take my revenge
Sep 28, 2021
No naming people who already have an entire forum dedicated to them, or else everyone will say Chris Chan.

Who's the funniest lesser-known lolcow and why are they funny?

Woke Blue Muttlema

True & Honest Fan
May 11, 2018
My bias is going to show hard:
Nathen Mazri because he is a flamboyant Arab entrepreneur who finances shitty cartoon branded food with daddy money. Stalks every place where you talk shit about him, thinks COVID is sarin gas and has recently decided to make celibacy a big deal even though he has admitted in his shitty self-help book he may have had gay sex back in Lebanon.
Flowergothic because we got a thread to figure out if she was trans or not. Average zoomer that looks fifteen years older than she is, powerleveling every bit about her personal and romantic life.
Mike from PA because he is Mike from PA.
Playmatetessi for her sad existence and even sadder tiddies.

As for cows that don't have threads:
Demon Mama for being an engineering undergrad who just decided one day to dye his hair and claim to be a woman on Twitch to then get banned for trying to raid people.
Hanzo for being a fucking schizo version of Free Guy.
BadBunny for trying to be a simpable female while looking like my aunt.
Cypher The Cynical Historian for being our new favourite punching bag in the r/breatube thread.

And I keep reading that Quinton Reviews is an obscure lolcow even though trans anime profiles on Twitter dunk on him too.