Whose head has gotten bigger: J.K. Rowling or George R.R. Martin -

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They don't really compare. JK Rowling is a shrill SJW. GRRM seems likes he really wishes he just retired so he could putter around in Santa Fe and resents being in too deep with HBO to completely bail out at this point.
This, essentially.
I get no ego off GRRM. I get a tired, very old man in so-so health with an armada of demanding fans who never seemed to want this level of fame or recognition. I never get a "wooo imma celebrity" vibe off him, he seems almost irritated by the demands of stardom.
He didn't want one of the most beloved series of all time, a million people hanging on his every word, and an HBO megashow. He wanted to write novels about sad snow men and their depressing world of incest and dragons.

Stardom is very demanding, and the dude is like 80. He doesn't want daily meetings about licensing and branding initiatives, he wants to nap until 11:30 and maybe watch Jeopardy.

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I haven't read anything of Martin's, but the comparison of being full of hot air between him and Rowling doesn't make sense. It'd make more sense if Rowling was compared to Stephenie Meyer, though Rowling would still take home the gold just simply for not recognizing (in time) when she needs to shut the fuck up.

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Rowling by a Westerosi mile.

Gurm can get a little preachy in his blog but Rowling has gone full Lucas mode with how much shit she retroactively shoves into her work. I enjoyed the Harry Potter books, which is why I get so annoyed with this lady turning her wonderful little fairy tale into a platform for identity politics crap.

Also the Fatman hates fan fiction while Rowling encourages it. That alone makes the choice easy.

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Rowling for sure.

I never was a huge fan of Harry Potter back in the day, though when she started to virtue signal it drove me further back from ever picking up any of the books.

When she announced Dumbledore being gay I couldn’t help but be annoyed by it for reasons that I just couldn’t put my finger on back then. In fact, anytime she tried to be a moral crusader I was pretty irritated and just wanted to say, “you’re an author, not a moral compass.” It doesn’t help that this fame has caused her to lose touch with general society, leading her to become baffled whenever people roll their eyes at her screeching about social justice.

Martin on the other hand seems to at least try to stay out of the spotlight and never pretended to be anything more than what he actually is. While I don’t like the GOT TV series anymore, I can appreciate an author who is humble in spite of fame.


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JK Rowling. I liked Harry Potter and her life story before that was inspiring, and I appreciate the donations that she has made and the impact of her books, but she really needs to learn to shut up and stop alienating her audience. She said Dumbledore was gay after the books ended without bothering to put it in the books, even in passing, yet she seems to want a medal for it. I didn't expect him to come out prancing and dancing and singing a song about it, but not even a sentence by any character mentioning it in passing? And of course with the new movies where this would be the perfect time to mention it... suddenly, nothing. She's all talk.


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Rowlings the obvious answer I just want to vent about George for a second.

He doesn’t have a middle name beginning with R, he just uses the initial to be reminiscent of Tolkien.

There are quite a few scenes in the books that involve paragraphs about how a character is shitting, how the heat is coming off the poop, their butthole flexing etc.

And to top it all off the only reason why no one calls it generic fantasy is because there’s no Elves and only one Dwarf.
I much prefer the spastic retcons and nonsense in Warcraft lore than the setting of Westeros because at least there’s interesting things.


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