Why 2007 was the worst year for the internet - An analysis of why the internet has declined since 2007

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Jun 16, 2019
Here is a small rant about the current state of the net by me BEST_MAN_202
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2007-2009 marked a shift in society. We have the election of Obama in 2008, the iPhone, financial crash, and arguably most important- the maturity of the internet. 2007 was the worst year for the internet and mobile phones and videos becoming more popular. This opened the floodgates for the lowest common denominator of people being able to access the internet. Other things plagued the internet like the internet becoming indistinguishable from everyday life, becoming a part of life and who we are instead of a hobby. It was also the time where companies got a foothole on the internet and tried to regulate it. 2007 was when the internet turned to shit, especially internet communities.

The wild west and the regulation of the net

The early 2000s was the wild west of the internet and life in general. The new century for new life, new beginning, and new dreams. Now, it's feels old and too jaded. Everything feels like a jungle-tron and is infested of drugs, depression, and other sad things. Social media has become a incorporated to the point where you can't say anything without being threaten to be unemployed for what you twitted/ stated on facebook, demonized or even speak freely. Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and other big time social media platforms are the newest forums. Any active forum before that is now a ghost town.

Prior to 2007, the internet really was the Wild West. The golden age for me was 2001-07, high speed internet and the feeling of endless exploration. Facebook was still “cool” This era marked a shift in the way content was produced. The old internet was exciting because it was new and lawless. Lawmakers had no idea what the internet was in 2000. Fear about hackers stealing your money from the banks, phone companies not understanding what a script/virus that called a 900 number from your computer was.Hell congress use the movie "Hackers" as evidence for trying to regulate the internet?

The internet was used to promote anything and everything , it was full of pirated everything, Napster was insane when it came out. Think of what they charged for CDs, games, and such in 2000. You had no option but to buy it or try to copy one of the 2 songs from a cd off the radio. They kept trying to regulate it but no one in power had any idea what was going on or how to even start regulating the internet. It was around 2005-7 that companies realized the money they could make with it. Things like EBay Amazon and Apple music started to take off. When the companies started making money, they told congress how to regulate the internet to insure their profits. Torrent something nowadays without a vpn and there is a good chance your cable company will cut off your service.

Smartphones and the dumbing down of the net

Smartphones is one of the reasons why the internet is ruined. Before smartphones, getting on the web was an activity, similar to watching a movie, or playing a video game. You had to put aside your other tasks and sit down in front of a pc and then "surf" the web. And when you finished, you got up, turned off the pc and did something else. People no longer spend hours gazing at a computer screen after work or class; instead, they use their mobile devices to stay online everywhere, all the time. Before it the internet was considered a fringe place for "geeks and nerds". It made the internet mainstream for every single normie on the planet, which ruined the internet in a way.

With smartphones its no longer an activity, it's just part of everyone's day to day life, because it's always right there, at all times, at everyone's fingertips. Smartphone apps also made social media easier to access , made videos and online articles more standard as a means of getting news and info, etc.When you can go to the bar and browse the web, or check Twitter on your lunch break (or when you have any downtime at work), and then can check Facebook as you watch a movie or between video game matches, or as you fix your car or watch your son play baseball, it means that it's no longer an activity you have to spend time doing; it has become part of your "lifestyle".

Smartphones turned everything into a swipe app zero iq mess. and the fact that a lot of people don't really process - most people on the internet are on phones now. 10x so. Also several interesting studies point to smartphones having at least some effect on cognition. Studies have linked smartphone use with a decreased ability to exert high levels of focus and poorer attention control.

Monetising the illiterate population

A large portion of the population isn't capable of reading and learning from books. About 20% of people in the USA can't read the instructions on a pill bottle. 20% of American adults have very low to nonliterate literacy level and over 12 Percent of UK citizens are illiterate. They tend to be consumed by spectacles and lack the ability to concentrate on more rational, dispassionate presentations. This doesn't include the amount of children that are on platforms like youtube and twitter

Youtube, instagram, etc., are monetizing this illiterate portion of the population and feeding them the very political content they've ever really been able to consume. It's similar to the revolution that happened in society when the Bible was first translated into other languages. Messages are corrupted (intentionally and accidentally) and people who have never thought before rush to rash and ill considered worldviews.

Social justice groups, skeptics, youtube political groups like breadtube/left tube, twitter mobs and similar such groups resemble a religious movement like the puritans or protestants because they are birthed by similar technological phenomena. Plus web search engines now are orders of magnitude worse than around 2005. everything wants to be curated content. you can't type a text string in google and get a match. It's all dumbspeak for dumb dumbs.

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I honestly doubt the internet will get better, and it honestly seems like it's getting worse. The censorship crackdown many places online seem to have been taking place, from the shut down of right wing controversial commentators like Alex Jones, to the shut down of 8chan, to even attacking small relatively unnoticed creators like MisterMetokur it seems like the internet is getting worse each year and it seems like in 2020, the internet censorship brigade will go in full swing and the internet becomes TV.2.0. Honestly at this point I think the internet, the world wide web at least is unsalvagavble in terms of communities. Not to mention that any sort of internet movement that was born on the internet and wasn't shilled by any establishment groups, that actually changes something gets shut down by the federal agents. Not to mention china wanting to influence the world and send its message abroad by censoring games and events, eg blizzcon, the nba and eccetera eccetera.

Here are some sources, and some things you might want to read about this issue
Also thanks for reading my little ramble about this isssue

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'UK literacy rate'

'16.4% of adults in England, or 7.1 million people, can be described as having 'very poor literacy skills.' They can understand short straightforward texts on familiar topics accurately and independently, and obtain information from everyday sources, but reading information from unfamiliar sources, or on unfamiliar topics, could cause problems. This is also known as being functionally illiterate.'
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8chan Is Vile, But Free Speech Doctrine Is Clear- Bloomberg Oppinion
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'Internet freedom in the USA and the rest of the world'

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Domo Arigato
Oct 1, 2013
I half agree with this.

2007 was a great year for internet stuff though but smartphones are what killed the internet. Letting normies into anything is always a great way to ruin things.
I feel that while Smartphones were the start of the end, what really killed it was the rise of social media allowing even the most braindead of individuals to have a voice.


Feb 8, 2018
2006 - 2010 generally wasn’t a bad period for the internet. It was certainly better than the dial-up days of the early 00s, and meme culture was in it’s infancy. I remember the 2006 internet because that was when I first started using it (in 2nd grade). YouTube didn’t have much on it at the time. 2011 was when the internet went to shit imo with 9gag, the brony fandom and other cancerous faggotry. The late 00s and 2016-17 were the best years of the internet, period. 2019 was just horseshit. Hell, even politics were much different in the late 00s. Compare the anti-Obama and prop-8 sentiment then to the cuckoldry you see today from conservatives. You now have mainstream conservatives hosting trannies on their radio shows and shoving dildos up their asses.
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No Exit

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Oct 5, 2019
I feel that while Smartphones were the start of the end, what really killed it was the rise of social media allowing even the most braindead of individuals to have a voice.
Social media just encouraged the idiots to get online. Before that the internet was basically divided into super squeaky clean content or depraved degeneracy and anyone who ended up at one spot or the other just kind of accepted it since they were on the world wide web.
Once more people started getting on they felt they had some god given right to start forcing changes and censoring things to fit their senses and the overall mysterious and chaotic form that the internet was just started to disappear.

It was basically like anything niche that becomes popular, it gets changed just to earn the most money and appeal and the original adapters who liked what it was before get fucked.


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Apr 18, 2019
I feel that while Smartphones were the start of the end, what really killed it was the rise of social media allowing even the most braindead of individuals to have a voice.
Smartphones provided access to the internet for the washed and uncaring masses, social media was viewed as more or less a more expanded forum. MySpace didn't have the kind of notoriety Facebook or Twitter currently have, nor was it possible to without people posting their thoughts while walking in front of traffic at odd hours of the day.


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Oct 6, 2016
I have an interesting proposition.

What if we go BACK to dialup?
They can force us to use subscription packs of ip whitelists but they can't stop you from calling anyone.
Someone could probably even make a modded android for this purpose.

Syaoran Li

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Feb 19, 2017
I miss 2005....

Hopefully, we'll see a backlash against woke culture in America once the 2020 Election is over and done with. Remember that in 2007, the conservatives were seen as the fun-hating moral guardians and the left-leaning liberals were considered cool and fun. A lot of SJW culture got its start as a backlash against the Religious Right and the neoconservative stances of the Bush years. The Religious Right got started in the 80's as a backlash against the New Left of the 60's and 70's.

America is built on the pendulum effect, and once the 2020 Election is over with, we'll start seeing a cultural shift in the years that follow. Whether or not the new cultural zeitgeist will be a good one is anyone's guess. It could be better, or it could end up being worse.


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Dec 12, 2018
The internet is pretty much unable to be fully regulated at this point. I think that several sites and portions of the Internet have become grating, but really all that's happened is the gulf between the mainstream sites and undercurrent has become more apparent.

What's scarier than regulation is payment processors, who voluntarily go farther than they should based on the current laws.

Judge Holden

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Feb 12, 2013
Yeah, I broadly agree with this concept of "2007 made dumb and entitled normies swarm the internet and this ruined everything" but I think you left out a fairly major harbinger of the coming cringe that started in 2007 and came to infest absolutely fucking evrything....one that even ties in nicely with your illiteracy points...

God...damn that shit should have been the first warning for us all to run for the fucking hills. Especially when it crossed over with other cancers of the year


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Nov 3, 2018
The internet is pretty much unable to be fully regulated at this point. I think that several sites and portions of the Internet have become grating, but really all that's happened is the gulf between the mainstream sites and undercurrent has become more apparent.

What's scarier than regulation is payment processors, who voluntarily go farther than they should based on the current laws.
That is what the push for machine learning or 'dumb' ai (algorithms basically) and quantum computers are for; So that data can be processed at the speed necessary to remove problematic content as quick as possible.
You can see it in action in YouTube if your curious what it looks like (half of the videos are gone; Millions of comments deleted every day).
Granted, its not perfect yet and I'm sure some counter-measures to this will start being cooked up, but bad times are ahead.

This also isn't to say that everything about this new tech is bad either, I'm sure it will have great medical use; I just know it will all have great political use too.