Why American have so many sex pest and degenerate fetishes?

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Feb 17, 2017
"It's not hurting anybody111!11!1!!!!!!11!!1!" type shit just breeds degeneracy. People stop holding themselves to principles and standards in a race to be as open minded as possible.

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Jul 25, 2020
A lot of what you see is just people posting via American internet using VPNs because people in other countries like the UK would get arrested for speaking their minds

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Dec 18, 2019
I'm not sure about what you're talking about. Sure, America has its fair share of perverts, like pretty much anywhere else, but as a whole, American are very prude when it comes to the topic of sex. If you want a nation of perverts, I suggest you take a look at the French.


Apr 6, 2021
Degeneracy has always existed in some form all across the world. Marrying off 12-year olds was common practice in the dark ages in parts of the world. The difference is now we have really weird shit that didn't exist before like furries and vore. We see it more because its plastered all over the internet.

Pakistan is a very conservative country with little to no porn and it produces tons of kiddie diddlers. Russia likes to paint itself as the strong heterosexual country with no degeneracy, but some of their top PornHub searches included Furries and Futarnari or however the fuck its spelled.

America is a free country with free speech and no extreme sex laws like a sand nigger country. So naturally its going to have a lot more visible weird sex stuff that we classify as degeneracy. The only real reason its getting worse is because the necessity of heterosexual relationships for child rearing(the primary driving force of a species) is far less then it was in ancient times or prehistoric times. In those days sex was almost exclusively about procreation and having a strong family and giving birth to many children was critical for the survival and strength of a tribe. Hence, weird sex stuff like anal sex, homosexuality, basically anything that wasn't centered around pumping out babies was considered taboo because it interfered with the baby machine that drove civilization.

Weirder shit keeps coming out because people get bored of their already weird sex. Two guys fucking? Thats boring, try four guys, one tranny and a furry. They keep escalating their degeneracy because they are on a never-ending search for the next "high". America may appear bad for this, but its a global occurence and the internet is the only reason it seems bad in America.


Jun 27, 2021
(unless the couple is gay married. Gay married couples are happy and functional, and love each other very much - until Republicans happen, in which case the gay married couple become tragic lovers and martyrs)
Gay marriage is cringe incarnate. You would have to be an unironic spawn of Satan to be in one.