Why are fat activists and childfrees always women? -


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I always thought that fat people can be healthy, but my job as a lab tech proves that that is a big fat lie. I also dropped 50 pounds being around sick, fat, unhealthy people for a vocation.

Me: Fat activist big fucking nope. Childfree fuck yeah.

Women are more opinionated and vocal. Men just want to live their lives. Women seem to care a lot more about issues than men do it seems. When it comes to matters about race, Black women refuse to shut the fuck up. Black men? Crickets and tumbleweeds. If aliens were to learn about us only via the internet the only races existing would be white men, white women, Black women, Asian women, Indigenous women, and Latina women. Aliens would be all confused and stuff like do Black and Asian men really exist?
Women are naturally more psychologically neurotic otherwise they wouldn't care to change baby-diapers or other obnoxious child char activities. As a natural consequence Women are much more likely to get obsessed with weird unhealthy habits like hording, wanting no one to have children because they themselves hate being born, or not wanting to be criticized for eating themselves to death.

Women are evil and create SCUM. Join the MIA today.