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Most trannies are probably pretty decent people who unfortunately are dwarfed by an autistically screeching vocal minority on social media. The real problem is the troons and NB/Otherkin
The ones I've known IRL have either been normal or stereotypical troons with an online footprint to match. It all made so much more sense when I learned about the whole HST vs AGP thing, even if I don't buy it entirely (in particular, limiting HST to gay men does not match my anecdata). After they transition, do they get on with their life, or do they maintain the autistic fixation on transness as a lifestyle. There's also the boys who grow up with internalized self hate from the casual demonization of men/boys and want a way out, which I'd lump in with the APGs even if it's not strictly speaking a fetish. The saddest ones I've seen have been this category.

My problem with the alphabet people isn't their genderfuck identity, it's the narcissistic behavior and fixation around it. Their activism is about validation, not acceptance or material inequality, which are angles I can respect. My hope for Gen Z isn't that they start gassing all the gays so much as that they starve the beast of attention, because right now it's gorging on it.

Does that make Brianna Wu not a troon though?
Yes. Her lolcow attributes have little to do with being trans. She does not fetishize being trans, and in fact publicly denies it. She just wants to pass as a woman and lead a normal life. A normal life sperging about GamerGate and moon rocks, but a normal life nevertheless.
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I wonder if zoomers will end up really hating their parents for documenting their entire childhood on facebook.

Sometimes I see an article about kids being forced to go through HRT because mama Karen thinks her boy is a girl and I wonder if we're going to see a spike in parenticide and/or suicide with that generation.

It's one of the first generations that will grow up never having had privacy, with their entire lives documented by their parents and then their dumb teenage selves.

If they're more right wing I imagine it's just typical rebellion against mainstream and first signs of them hating their parents and everything they stand for.