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I think that there might have been a time when there was a higher bar of admission back when investigative journalism was still a thing, but now these jobs are just what those among the established elite give to relatives or friends who are not clever enough to make any real decisions, but are still an accepted part of their social caste.
Journalists are propagandists. The ruling class want people too stupid to realize what they’re doing is propaganda.
nowadays they are kind of the same.
They really are. Marketers do research the same way journalists do, which is to say they don’t. They think looking at trending Twitter hashtags is a good way to find out what consumers want, which is why all these franchises are going Woke.


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Low barrier of entry creates a culture of stupidity that infects even those with credentials. This low barrier also leads to ideological purity testing and cliques.

The job itself is also just difficult if done properly. Researching a complicated topic and providing a concise article on it that even laypeople can understand within two weeks? Kinda hard and the lazy low-effort garbage is just as rewarding.


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It’s easy and any real journalism takes up too much time. Why bother to write something elaborate when some clickbait that takes 5 minutes to write brings in several times more views?

I suspect we are pivoting from clickbait to “personalities” because more and more people are using ad blockers and many companies are finding that they’re not getting as good roi on the ads they place on clickbait rags. A lot of sites do click farming ie, they sell their clicks/views to a bigger site which then cons their investors into thinking they have way-y more views than they actually do. So they charge higher prices than they actually should.


A friend of mine that was a high school dropout with no education became a journalist. He was a compulsive liar, an alcoholic, and a male feminist of course.

It really made me lose all faith in American journalism.

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