Why are modern political cartoons and cartoonists generally so autistic? -

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Same reason boomer memes suck imo. They're not creative, and draw from a highly simplistic, and repetitive sense of humor. Look how quickly memes change in contrast to political cartoons.
Maybe it's because political cartoons are typically in newspapers (old media) while memes usually evolve quickly and then typically burn out because they're on the internet?


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Maybe it's because political cartoons are typically in newspapers (old media) while memes usually evolve quickly and then typically burn out because they're on the internet?
I think that's a lot of it. You, also have to consider the fact that with the papers, whatever political comic you get, is just what you get. If it sucks, then there's not much to do about it other than love it, or hate it. With the internet, low quality memes just kind of fall into a black hole because people mostly choose to distribute only the best quality memes.


Being a cartoonist requires three talents-you have to be a good artist, you have to have a good work ethic and you have to be a good writter being a political requires another 2-political insight and comedic talent.

If you've got that many talents why would you waste on the funny's?
I'd argue that you don't need good artist skills for making political cartoons, just mediocre ones. A signature style is more important.

Having a good work ethic depends on the work schedule, having a daily strip needs a work ethic but it's debatable for a weekly comic.

The last points depends on the publication, some of them would accept any variation of Orange Man Bad depending on the recent hot topics.
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Because political cartoons actually aren’t the propaganda they pretend to be. Right-wing papers aren’t going to hire left-wing cartoonists and vice versa. Nobody wants to read cartoons they don’t agree with. People reading a political cartoon therefore don’t need convincing of its message, because they already believe it. And because they already agree with the cartoonist, they convince themselves the cartoon is funnier and smarter than it is. You don’t need to be good, you just need to say what the audience wants.

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I remember the Comic Day by Day was a Conservative slice of life where the author lived vicariously through his characters as a witty succesful Conservatives who spent all his time scoring zingers against the left.....even though Bush was in office and the war of terror was in full swing, Recently checked it out again and his art has gone to shit and he's still bitching singulary about Democrats with no attempt to discuss the president.
The really sad part was how the characters were obviously his idealized world perspective and he lived through them. For example the main character Zed is a heroic whitty retired sniper with a hot wife who scores endless zingers on the libs....and is painfully, obviously his mary sue fill in.
On reflection I think he's the platonic ideal of political comic writter because he's fucking stupid and is a complete loser but thinks he isnt.

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Latuff has a thread on KF

and he is the most insufferable faggot, even as far as political cartoonists go (also he's a literal cuck and made comics about his fetish)


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My main issue with political cartoons is that the art style is always ugly.
It's always this weird squiggly line chicken scratch bullshit if that makes any sense.

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'Cause they're drawn by "no fun allowed" spergs for strict old people with no humour. The labels are there for exceptional individuals who can't get any joke without explaination.
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