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Why are only MTFs unstable?

Discussion in 'Deep Thoughts' started by pickledance, Jul 14, 2017.

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    1. Women are more sexually liberated so it's easier for them to experience and explore that shit, and be open with it. (Nobody is going to really judge a woman for "experimenting" in college, especially not the way men "experimenting" is seen as gross, disgusting, revolting; to the contrary, it's instead a sexual fantasy, for better or worse--I dont really even want to "experiment" but Ive always been jealous of women for that ability, to explore and experience tons of shit, and their desirability.)

      But when the guy says sexually deviant, I think he does mean deviant. Not like, "into kinks" but like "sexually minded, and sexually deviant". Like, most child predators are men and shit, it's almost entirely women who are sexually abused. Shit like that.

      Women can be bisexual and explore their sexuality but it's men who are creeps. Shit like that.
      Im pretty sure the lady was saying both genders have both hormones, so puberty is not easy for one group or the other, and not necessarily worse on one group on the whole, but maybe worse for individual people based on how you react.
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    2. Imagine being such an insufferable gay that the gay community, which is equal parts sick of your shit and tired of being lumped in with you, has to force you out of social circles so you now must create internet microcosms of absolute body mutilation levels of insanity just to be accepted.

      Or you have such a fixation on lesbian porn from 2004 that you know will never be obtainable due to your ugly-ass self and inability to talk to girls that a 3some will never happen for you so you concoct a literally half-cocked plan to make one happen where you wear a dress and chug shit meant for your menopausal aunt

      Thats why MTFs are always crazy

      Resident gay @Pikimon will probably back me up on this one
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    3. Again I ask: when was the last time you saw a female furry? It's not women making gay diaper inflation art, that's for sure. Yeah you get a Vade/Julie Terryberry every once in a while but they are by far the minority.

      Person who hangs out with gross skanks detected. Been told to check your cishet vanilla privilege lately?
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    4. That's what they've been telling you.
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    5. I still maintain that the transtrenders suffer from self induced dysphoria and because of this, they externalize their dysphoria and project it outwards (on society, cis people, etc.) so they don't have come to the realization that they've done irreparable harm to their mind and body.

      Do note that I'm talking specifically about trenders.
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