Why are So Many Furries Homosexual?

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Why is Furfag so accurate?

  • Because it's catchy, duh

    Votes: 14 12.0%
  • Because women can just fuck actual dogs

    Votes: 19 16.2%
  • Degenerates find multiple ways to be degenerate

    Votes: 59 50.4%
  • Because God hates all of us

    Votes: 25 21.4%

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Dr. Troon Lagoon

Fick dich weg, du Homofürst! Ich kastrier dir die🥚
Dec 25, 2019
No, the higher sexual expression is entirely a fault of men. If women outpaces men, then lesbians would outpace gays by a larger amount because of the same reasoning.
I never argued otherwise, and was rather particular about the point of women being more moderate in their sexual drive than men.
Homosexual degeneracy is entirely masculine degeneracy. Gays just express what straight men romantically try to hide.
Which was also my point. The women are on average the moderator in Heterosexual relations, lesbians are not as prolific as gay men in their sexual activity and promiscuity.
There is absolutely, and you will never convince me otherwise, a large portion (lets say 10-40%) who fetishized their abuse at the hands of an older man with authority over them whether it was the Church, Schooling, or family members.
It would be a reasonably educated guess to suspect that it may be coping mechanism to deal with such an event. On the other hand coming to terms with ones homosexuality in usually a rather covert affair and such relations tend to form because older homosexuals may be guiding peers, that does not mean that such asymmetrical relationship dynamics are safe from exploitation of minors by the older party. However I am also cognizant of having often observed gay relationships with sometimes rather crass age gaps.
Women cannot afford to engage in degeneracy like men and be fertile, so one of the few codes of femininity is excessive cleanliness because the genetics of the women alive today all had ancestors who picked the right level of neurotic cleanliness.
Also very true, so in situations where women cannot be coerced into sex and get to choose, they are indeed very picky (Tinder is a casino for gullible men, women have their pickings) Similarly, jealousy from men is theorized to stem from the fact that when it comes to pregnancy the female knows at least knows it is hers, but men should be weary of cuckoldry. It is also why babies at birth very strikingly resemble their father, probably in order to keep the dad around with vested interest.
The truth is when it comes to the psychology of gays, I don't think of them as being of a single group.
How interesting, neither do I.

Sex comes in two flavours, sexual orientation gravitates between exclusive heterosexuality and exclusive homosexuality and gendered behaviour between feminine and masculine, whereby many traits overlap, but on the overall balance of things are more often found in one sex or the other. Research strongly suggests that "butch" behaviour by women is associated with antenatal androgen exposure (see 2D4D finger ratio and otoacoustic clicks in Lesbians), whereby a different yet unknown mechanism applies to homosexuality in men (they are not exposed to less androgens antenatally than their heterosexual peers, see studies on 2D4D finger ratio)

What is perceived as feminine or masculine is malleable over time and differs between cultures, however we do know that certain traits seem to be more rigidly related to each sex, furthermore gender-non confirming behaviour is often seen in individuals who often ultimately will come out of the closet or in rare instances may present with gender dysphoria. Then again quite a few will just be Tomboys or metrosexual men, and that is fine.
(Less so is the du jeur tendency to address those that blur the lines by telling them that they ought to "transition" to the other sex.)

So yes, these subcultures you describe are not surprising, as the behaviour innate from birth is indeed quite fluid between endpoints and is further shaped by what life throws at you:
the blank slate is a myth, it is partially filled in at the start (see Steven Pinkerton The Blank Slate) and life continous forward from that introduction.
I think you would like to give Baileys The Man Who Would Be Queen a read, as he does address the gay subcultures in it to some degree ("Masc in the streets, bottom in the sheets").

Circling around back to the topic, anthropomorphic depictions go way back, just look at the Greeks and their mythological tales of sexual intercourse with animals and not more than once with a straightforward (heh) heterosexual dynamic. Some gay guys, with their lower threshold to admit to their kinks, conveniently quickly find similar willing partners in crime and therefore just own "the furry lifestyle" more these days.

You will have to ask the Lesbians specifically for their Lesbos Lore and Research.


Oct 25, 2020
It is astonishing how many furries are queer. And yes, I know. Furries are also into vore, scat, diaper shit, cuckoldry, and every other god-forsaken idea that man can come up with. But you would think at least a few of them would like chicks without needing to stick a dick on them. Ditto on female furries, who not only act like proud lesbians but seem to be avid man-haters.
I think desperate intra-furry fucking, gay or not, is because no-one else will.