Why are so many lolcows LGBT? -


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You're begging the question. If you find the lifestyle of LGBTQI+ people lolcoworthy then obviously they'll make up a large percentage of lolcoworthy people. Would you really find them so interesting if they were cis and heteronormative?
Probably. Many of the lolcows we discuss here have made their way into the site due to something unrelated to their sexual orientation or gender identity. E.g. Amberlynn for being a Deathfat, same for Nikocado, Chloe for malingering, and many more. You could argue that even for people such as CwC, Contra, Yaniv etc. being trans only adds a layer to their propensity to make a fool of themselves.


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I think attention whores makes the biggest lolcows, and since social media currently loves giving oppression points, some will claim to be LGBTQ+ just for the sake of attention. Maybe if the next woke thing is being an amputee, we will see a lot of amputees roaming social media like we see with trannies (of the autogynephile kind).

People in general are retarded and attention whores waiting for the next big fad to try to be something.


L/G/B are paraphilias, aka sexuality related mental disorders
mental disorders tend to cluster together, so having one greatly increases the likelihood of having additional ones as well. and multiple mental disorders are a good starting point for a lolcow, especially if online attention seeking behavior is involved

T is even more busted, that shit is severe mental illness, so the people who suffer from it are super fucked in the head

You're begging the question. If you find the lifestyle of LGBTQI+ people lolcoworthy then obviously they'll make up a large percentage of lolcoworthy people. Would you really find them so interesting if they were cis and heteronormative?
would they still screech about girldicks and cis privilege on the internet? then yeah, absolutely

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Because the freaks have incorporated narcissicm into their definition of "Queerculture"As said above, 99.99% of trannies have one or multiple Cluster B disorders, and a goodly portion have Cluster A disorders too. Being a psycho retard is a badge of honour to them. This is like asking why niggers are so overrepresented in violence. They have made it their "kulcha"

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Modern gays are 99% complete deviants
Modern lesbians are 99% abusive radfems
Modern bisexuals are 99% attention whores
All trannies are automatic lolcows

The normal gays got what they were fighting for with marriage rights, shut up and settled down. Unfortunately they let the lunatics in the community start running the asylum, that's become the face of the LGBT community now.


Anyone can be an lolcow. Black, white, LGBT+, etc. I know the internet is very closeted depending on said groups and it's easy to forget this, but what social media has done is given EVERYONE a platform, including fringies who speak as the loudest minorities. As a result, we aren't seeing as much as a rise in lolcows (they've always existed as people have always been weird and abnormal by society's standards) as much as we see a rise in said lolcows getting attention that they really shouldn't receive.

While some of these lolcows definitely are part of the LGBT community (In my opinion, lolcows can come from anywhere and can be anyone, it's just how it is) I would not be surprised if some people are faking it for personal gain. People can claim that there is no privilege being part of a minority group itself and I would be inclined to agree, HOWEVER there certainly are privileges for being a professional victim. The more these people whine and complain about society wronging them, the more normal people give into them to shut them up, not knowing that lolcows thrive off conflict and attention.

By adding these labels to their names, lolcows get the benefit from unsuspecting/stupid people that believe they're 100% a victim every time. It's like a get-out-of-jail free card in some cases. The more you add, the more oppressed you are, so obviously said minority group can't ever be in the wrong!

I can't even blame some lolcows for doing this shit considering how much people are so willing to suck up to them, even if they committed a heinous act JUST BECAUSE they happen to have said identity. The "smarter" lolcows catch on pretty quick and use it as a shield because nowadays people are so scared of not being PC, they'll submit to whoever will make them look the most woke.

tl;dr Some are genuine because lolcows have always existed throughout history, others clearly want the victimhood points


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A lot of the loudest and most annoying/funny people on the internet will slap shit loads of labels on themselves in a desperate bid to have some kind of conceivable identity (or e-beg).

Anyways, in reality, I think its good to remember that actual lolcows (not just annoying Twitter users) are a relative unusual phenomenon and Kiwi Farms is not exactly a reflection of the general population. The whole point of the forum is to document weird outliers. If 4.5% of the American population self reports as some flavor of fruity, that's 14,769,000 people (not counting people who don't take the survey, obviously). There are 100 something threads in the Rat King subforum and not all of them are about individual lolcows. I'd guesstimate there's probably another 100 something threads about lgbt people in other subforums. Point being, the shit you see on here isn't reality for 90% of lgbtabcdefg in the US. Most are relatively normal with a relatively normal amount of quirks.