Why are so many lolcows LGBT? -


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For the T, I think it’s autism. Autists struggle to understand the world and their own identity. The world feels wrong to them. To such a person, being trans gives them hope - their social and identity issues aren’t an incurable neurological disorder, but something that can be resolved by accepting their “true self.”

At first, it seems to work - other troons love-bomb them, they have a community, maybe new friends, and transition gives them a goal in life. So they stick with it.
The trans community hijacked literally everything to do with LGBT stuff and has basically become a bizarre grooming fetish club. I have no fucking idea how shit got there but here we are.


The trans community hijacked literally everything to do with LGBT stuff and has basically become a bizarre grooming fetish club. I have no fucking idea how shit got there but here we are.
you mean LGB, surely? The troons are just an add on. Personally, I see transexuals and troons as totally different. Most based people I know are an older lesbian couple, and a couple of transexual people, born men, living as women.

They've got no time, at all, for the non-binaREEEEE crowds or the parents pushing their kids to troonery. And they utterly despise the ones who think not transitioning, just calling themselves wammin is enough and we don't even talk about the ones who think lesbians should wanna fuck ladypeen, because they're my mates, I love them dearly, and I don't wanna see them pop an aneurysm.

I dunno how we got here either, but it's all a gigantic clusterfuck.


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If you're a repulsive lolcow, it's hard to find anyone who'll want to fuck you except other repulsive lolcows. They have to widen their field of enquiry.

Plus, the LGBT community openly encourages ridiculous and deviant behaviour on the premise of 'being yourself'. Most people are stupid, selfish and unselfaware at heart, so naturally when they're encouraged to 'express themselves' and 'be who they truly are', they behave like zoo animals. You can't criticise an LGBT for their horrid personality because they'll accuse you of homophobia or transphobia. Being an obnoxious faggot isn't exclusive to LGBT of course, but they're the only ones who recieve praise for it. A group of straight girls shrieking and being retarded are criticised, a group of twinks doing the same thing are congratulated on their fierceness and bravery or whatever.

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I think attention whores makes the biggest lolcows, and since social media currently loves giving oppression points, some will claim to be LGBTQ+ just for the sake of attention. Maybe if the next woke thing is being an amputee, we will see a lot of amputees roaming social media like we see with trannies (of the autogynephile kind).

People in general are retarded and attention whores waiting for the next big fad to try to be something.
In that case, let's start doling out oppression points and internet asspats to those who neuter themselves. Time for eugenics to get a woke rebranding.

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You will be pleased to know that the LGBT community is starting to cannibalize themselves.

~Gay men don't like how gay parades devolved into kink fest
~Transgenders wanting to separate themselves from the LGB because they want to make the distinction between Sexuality and Gender.

Man I hate being gay sometimes. I'm forced to be associated with these dumbasses.


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Because non-lolcows are not obsessed with their sexuality. Especially not to the point where they feel to need to tell other people about it ad nausem.
I'm not trans and never have been. That should be obvious to anyone on the forum. Concerning Sonichen and Rosechen, Artcow would be a better label.
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Patterns of lolcow behaviour are easier to spot in online lgbt spaces because the userbase and frequent posters are the same. In larger spaces, such as DeviantArt, most lolcows will go unnoticed and never get the documentation they deserve because they are one in a million. In smaller spaces, if the same person keeps sperging out, you will notice it quicker and it will be easier to document.

Also, being an attention-seeking thot is normal behaviour for heterosexual women, so no one really pays any attention to their everyday sperging. Just look at Amberlynn's Facebook Haydurs thread- mostly straight, middle-aged women having an aspie pissing contest about how less fat they are than the dyke.


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Lolcows are attention whores, most sexual deviants are attention whores.
Squeaky wheel gets the kick and all that, they have double the chances of being noticed due to being both Lolcows and perverts.

Name one Lolcow that isn't a total sexual degenerate. LGBBQTBONE or not. I fucking dare you too.
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Isn’t it mostly the T? There’s gay and lesbian cows but they aren’t vastly over represented like troons are. Troons are cows because of autism and BPD.
And with the gay and lesbian cows the fact that they're gay or lesbian is usually irrelevant because they don't make their homosexuality their defining characteristic, it's usually something else they do that makes them a cow. With troons their only identifiable characteristic is that they're a troon, nothing they talk about is unrelated to them being a troon. They somehow shoehorn their troondom into mundane things like eating, sleeping, shitting, taking walks etc.