Why are the British seen as "cultured"?

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behavioral swamp thang

hoes like asprin, take 2 n go 2 bed
Dec 9, 2019
England swing like a pendulum do,
bobbies on bicycles, two by two.
Westminster Abby, the tower of Big Ben,
the rosey red cheeks on the little children....


Save the Loli

Jul 1, 2017
The accent was intentionally crafted in the late 19th century, it's called Received Pronunciation. Though it was probably more about creating a common dialect intelligible by all English speakers rather than putting on an air of cultural superiority.
And it was copied in the US by the elite as the "Mid-Atlantic dialect" which died out a bit after WWII.
Americans are on average more English than most Brits sadly, especially appallachian area. Our island has gone to the dogs.
You mean Scottish, right? Since Appalachia is full of people descended from the Scots and Scots-Irish and is known for its meth labs and opioid crisis. Although if you teach your dog to give Nazi salutes in West Virginia or East Tennessee or wherever you'll get a glowing article in the local hick newspaper the boomers read and lots of nice Youtube views rather than getting arrested by the police.


Jun 28, 2020
According to myth isn't Merlin supposed to reappear when England is in dire need of help?

So, where is he?

He got sick of England and used his magic to guide V2 rockets into london during WW2


Sep 7, 2020
Stereotypes based on collective experiences by cultures that were subjugated by the British. The brits were essentially a "cultural Chad" that inspired sentiments of awe, admiration and envy to a lot of underdeveloped societies. That being said, no one ever cared to give 2 fucks about their working class hordes (not even they), which are incubators for a shit ton of potential lolcow material. How you stereotype the Brits, depends on which culture you were brought up, in what social class and at which era.