Why are there so many Brazilian lolcows? -

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There are more of them than other South American countries, but that doesn't explain everything. They have a pretty corrupt government for its size, which leads to inequality and conspiracy theories, they have a lot of macho bs in their culture that causes a lot of chimping out and online death threats, it happens even outside of lolcow communities (they're notorious for it in MMOs, esports, etc). I think in part it's the artificially-high access you get to them vs. Spanish, French, German, Italian speakers, etc, because often software is localised in Spanish but not Portuguese.

I feel bad for the Brazilians who are sensible and measured, because the country has a very bad reputation online because of just how excessive their retards are.

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During early 2000s brazilian television liked to constantly showcase weirdos they found hanging out, the oldest brazilian lolcows with online activity on the board being the main example (Adial, Tidinha ), by late that decade with the boom of the Orkut people had grown extremely low standards to what consider a "meme", so to feed their shitty blogs with content people considered every tard doing something stupid on camera a meme, and these tards turned into e-celebs, case on point (Bluezao, Tulla Luana) but the only reason there is actually so many brazilian threads on the board is this one:
The only reason Internationale Clique has so many brazilian threads is because I have the willpower of an autist,
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Why are you so alarmed?
How is it surprising a third world country produces a bunch of barely educated retards?

Also Brazilians love the anglo internet for some reason so there's just a lot of locals able to report on the cows there. You'd probably see a lot of Chinese or Indian cows too if those people were a little less reclusive.
that's a good point actually. I can understand why we don't get (and likely, never will) have many yellow cows, but why don't we get many brown cows? Don't they use the same browsers, internet, and generally speaking, same language?

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we are a third world country, of course we would have a higher proportion of deranged individuals

If I did an educated guess though, BRs started entering what could be called the past iterations of the current internet a littler earlier than the rest of Latin America or other underdeveloped areas of the world. We inundated places like Orkut and Blogger and games like Tibia and acted like idiots long before Indians or whoever started getting mocked, and we have a distinct culture outside of Spanish LA that would propagate our autism in a more differentiated manner.

Also, skimming @Sparky Lurker's threads parabens pelo trabalho aqui cara shows (in my opinion, at any rate) three distinct themes: you get the turboautists, spergs and ecelebs of the former Orkut era, opportunists and screechers of the current polarized political situation in the country trying to get their fifteen minutes of fame, and spastic young people flooding the current Internet sites to show to the world their idiotic opinions and antics similar to other Anglo lolcows we cover in the farms (along with a mix of our own /pol/acks and channer spergs to be the icing of the huehue cake).
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Because Brazil is a huge country, 200 million people live in it afterall.
Brazil despite a huge income and wealth inequality has a developed economic unlike India, what does that mean? That means that a lot of people work in the tertiary sector of the economy, and thus, they have access to the net.
Brazil is also a liberal democracy, what does that mean? That means that they have a (relatively) uncensored internet, unlike China. China is way wealthier and more developed that Brazil, but you see no Chinese lolcows because China has its own censored internet.
Oh, also, black people lol!

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Brazilian IQ barely exceeds that of African Americans, though there's a thin upper stratum of sullied Europeans who are rather bravely holding the whole mess together. Once you read the Bell Curve and accept that you have been lied to your entire life, a lot of things that were previously mysterious become quite clear. Like, why there is so much crime in Brazil.