Why are there so many Brazilian lolcows? -


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Probably because hu3s are the missing link and are closer to monkeys than everyone else. And we all know what do they do to monkeys, and a certain disease caused by eating your own kin.
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There are Brazilians who live in a make-pretend world whereiin they think everything shameful they do can be published to the Internet with no repercussions.

This is what first spawned the lolcows in Orkut, including some of the worst 'first memes', which featured a very fat dark-skinned woman shitting in the toilet and posting proudly about what she was doing.

Later on, after the fucked-up year of 2011, activism and politics got retarded, so you had the culture wars raging.

This resulted in a lot more memes being thrown either way, but ultimately, 'Mythical Bolsonaro' managed to elect a guy with no filters in speech to President.


Brazil has a large imageboard subculture and the guy who makes those threads is basically just seeding the earth with all the ones he knows about. It's just coincidental we have a bilingual user willing to try and port those discussions into KF.

For the cringelord spouting off IQ statistics in an on-topic board, perhaps first consider the only people in the world with such a large lolcow population that we need multiple sites like this just to document the sheer volume of humiliating self-indulgent information they post about themselves is in the Anglosphere (and almost entirely the US at that). I'm sure I'm just working for Mossad or something though.


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