Why are white male and Asian female (WMAF) couples so prevalent nowadays? - "planting corn and rice in the same field"


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I have no idea but I wouldn't mind hooking up with an Asian chick at least once.
Beware. Once you go tight east asian pussy and smooth silken skin you don't go back. Throw in the trad waifu meme (it's real) and you gonna get asian fever. Even a moneygrubbing Chinese golddigger will have the courtesy to give you 3-4 kids and wait for you to die of old age before taking all your stuff. You will have to get real close with her family though, marry an Asian you marry her entire family.


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I'll admit, Asian women have caught my eye for a long time. But they're not super common in my immediate area, and I don't feel like looking for a woman based on her ethnic looks as priority is a good idea. If I did come across one that melded well with my personality and tastes sure, but I'm the type to think about long term compatibility first before physical looks (though that obviously plays a factor, it's just not the biggest one to me).


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To be more specific, what makes Asian women so appealing to Caucasian men (and vice versa)?
About 5 or more years ago I was messing around on a dating site, back before they nerfed a lot of the search and filtering tools. Back then I wanted to get a handle on what the trends were. "Feminist" "Feminism" and other "progressive" terms and searching by political leaning to leftism, gave me search results back that were predominantly White Women from Metro areas, and in the case of higher population destiny countries, suburbia as well. Some looked like SJW's and some looked like regular professionals. Looks weren't the deciding factor, location was.

If I flipped the search around and searched for people who didn't have these terms and/or identified with conservatism more, White Women from Metro areas almost completely disappeared, you were left with rural white women, or Asian Women of all types, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, etc, it didn't matter. All of them swing to the right. And location didn't matter either, you'd generally find them everywhere. Although with higher results in their home countries obviously.

It might be that the simple fact that the pendulum is swinging back towards the right, is reflected in people taking partners that hold those values.


Most Asian women like their femininity, lean a bit more to the right(most Asian culture is pretty conservative), don't look at being a mother/housewife as a bad thing, and are very family oriented(no pun intended).

A lot of western women bailed on this stuff because they thought it was beneath them, but its a big part of society really because its a stable family structure(not including husbands who work 70+ hrs a week and don't set aside time for their families. Thats always been a big problem in Asia).

These are pretty big pluses to have in a wife in all honesty.

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To be more specific, what makes Asian women so appealing to Caucasian men (and vice versa)?
I don't want to be racist or anything, but have you seen a white woman lately?

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Asian women are mean bitches from regions and cultures that have seen a ridiculous level of violence throughout their history. Places that have a bad reputation like Africa are actually pretty tame compared to insane shit like the Mandate of Heaven, the Mongols, the ancient wars between China and Vietnam, the deranged shit Indochina and Indonesia get up to, or the really shocking bloodbaths like the Taiping Rebellion and the Boxer Rebellion. Even Japan's highly isolated history was one of constantly warring clans, fucked up suicide pacts and a noble class that were absolutely out of control in terms of the power they held over the populace. The way Europe and America slapped them around a bit with the Opium Wars, Admiral Perry and WW2 probably doesn't look all that intimidating in comparison even with nightmares like the Atomic Bomb and the total devastation of the Korean War.

To an Asian woman really in touch with her culture and expected to think and act a certain way, the comparatively lazy and easygoing American or European is probably a breath of fresh air compared to the back-stabbing merry-go-round that characterizes family politics in many highly traditional Asian cultures. I don't blame them at all.

Growing up having to deal with that bullshit also makes you into a kind of demanding and controlling person though. For introverted white dudes, having someone who fits all of the cultural norms of beauty who is at the same time going to make most of the descisions for your household is probably appealing. I can't tell you the number of guys of any race I know who endlessly bitch and moan about how controlling and unreasonable their wives or partners are when its clear they crave that domesticity. Its not really my type of thing, but its quite apparent.

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NPR tackled this question on Invisibilia recently.

Here are some of the offered reasons with links to their references.

Sexual Naturalization: Asian Americans and Miscegenation

From the Stanford University Press description of the book: "In the first major interdisciplinary study of Asian-white miscegenation from the late nineteenth to the end of the twentieth century, Koshy traces the shifting gender and racial hierarchies produced by anti-miscegenation laws, and their role in shaping cultural norms. Not only did these laws foster the reproduction of the United States as a white nation, they were paralleled by extraterritorial privileges that facilitated the sexual access of white American men to Asian women overseas. Miscegenation laws thus turned sex acts into race acts and engendered new meanings for both.

Asian American Sexual Politics: The Construction of Race, Gender, and Sexuality

From the Rowman & Littlefield book description: "Drawing on established scholarship on the intersection of race, gender, and sexuality, Asian American Sexual Politicsshows how power dynamics shape the lives of young Asian Americans today. Asian-American women are often constructed as hyper-sexual docile bodies, while Asian-American men are often racially castrated."

Asian American Women and Men: Labor, Laws, and Love

"the historical and contemporary oppression of Asians in the United States has (re)structured the balance of power between Asian American women and men and shaped their struggles to create and maintain social institutions and systems of meaning. Espiritu emphasizes how race, gender, and class, as categories of difference, do not parallel but instead intersect and confirm one other."

Racing Romance: Love, Power, and and Desire among Asian American/White Couples

"allegedly progressive interracial relationships remain firmly shaped by the logic of patriarchy and gender inherent to the ideal of marriage, family, and nation in America, even as this ideal is juxtaposed with discourses of multiculturalism and color blindness."
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You got two factors at work here on this question. The first is that the exotic has the tendency go become the erotic. It is sexual fetishism plain and simple.
The second factor is the "grass is always greener on the other side" argument. Most of us here in the west only get snippets of Asian culture: bright neon mega-cities with every electric gizmo you can imagine, strange food you can't find here, and all kinds of different consumer products. Just surface level stuff that distracts the mind with flights of fancy.
Put frankly, Asian women are both a sexual fantasy and a desire to find something "new".
The truth is, Asia is like the west in the sense that most of it is boring, people get up, go to jobs they hate, work, go home and find something mindless to do until the next day, up until the day they die.