Why are white male and Asian female (WMAF) couples so prevalent nowadays? - "planting corn and rice in the same field"

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A bit of powerlevel incoming.

For years I've gotten used to getting constant demands here and there from women, smaller and bigger things like doing what I don't like or just changing my attitude on how much I like to chit-chat about the weather, and any opposition quickly turns into threats and "we need to talks." Don't even get started on politics.

The past few months after a friend got married to an Asian woman, his wife has been enthusiastically trying to introduce me to a friend of hers. I figured sure I'll chat a bit to humor them, it's not like it'll go anywhere but shots not taken are shots missed etc.. I have been shocked time and time again at how big of a difference there is and it's hard to put into words; Imagine that you were in a relationship and you became busy for a few weeks, a few months with not many words exchanged between you two. Then you get a message from them and it's just as chirpy and friendly as before. I figure hey it might just be a freak instance, but my friend tells me his wife is exactly like this and he doesn't feel like someone's chaining him down in any way. "There's a commitment and you both put effort into it equally."

Shortly put: I've never felt so much like I don't need to prove my worth to a healthy woman. No 6 foot genes, no bundles of cash, no freakish muscles or sports cars and no servicing every five minutes.

I'm considering this.
The freakish muscles alone are all you really need. Do you even lift?


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because asian men have eenie teenie peenies lol

nah but same reason white women fuck nonwhite guys:
  1. fuck you dad
  2. exotic/rare
  3. pop culture (just look at the front page of youtube, radio, television, movies, music... etc etc)
this all creates a low bar of entry for the male. "just not be like dad and be more like whats on TV :-)"
idiot bonus for WFBM/WF anything nonwhite: white women get to be the savior ("huwh*Te man bad", "brown babies = BEAUTIFUL" etc etc)
idiot bonus for both AFWM & AMWF: "hapa babies are CUTE!!", "hapas will make anime real AYAYA", and other autistic nonsense

but when i dated my asian exgf it was totally about love and not about sex, that's for sure :-)

Testaclese Maximus

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"You haven't told me in two hours how much you love me and and how pretty I am and YOU NEVER NOTICED I CUT MY HAIR YOU FUCKING SHITLORD"

I wasn't assuming anyone even considered any other kind of servicing, dream on buddy.
My bad, the term “service” generally has sexual connotations in the context of dating.
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Earl Harb

Many Asians believe in 'hybrid beauty' - that the offspring of this particular mix is more beautiful.
The Asian girl gets a status boost from dating the world power (there's a tendency to define American as white) .
Sexual attraction is based on our sexual differences, aka sexual dimorphism. The average height and strength of an Asian female and white males aids attraction for both groups.
Rates of obesity in Asian culture are lower. If you are moderately fat you will be publicly shamed in the streets.

los pepes

Asian men are seen by women the most feminine of men for a number of reasons where as blacks are considered the most masculine. White males are in the middle. You can see those preferences play out in dating sites with Asian men being the least desirable to women

Asian women are also seen as the most feminine women, but for them that's an advantage. Again going along the spectrum you have white women in the middle, with black women being seen as masculine and aggressive. Unsurprisingly studies have shown that black women are the least desirable from men, including even among black men, while Asian women are the most desired/fetishized.

So the question of why Asian women want white men specifically? It would appear they want men that are are more masculine and taller/stronger than their own men, while not full on "muh dick" african hypermasculinity.
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Ali della Fenice

Cosa credi, che abbia perso la forza?
they are definitely more feminine than your average western college danger hair for sure.

So white girls fuck dogs, asian girls eat dogs, arab girls hate dogs.
So is there any race of females out there that aren't horrible to dogs? 🤔
nothing better than having a sexy chinese waifu, who cooks you some doggo, after a long and stressing day of work.


do you see what happens
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because asian men have eenie teenie peenies lol

nah but same reason white women fuck nonwhite guys:
  1. fuck you dad
  2. exotic/rare
  3. pop culture (just look at the front page of youtube, radio, television, movies, music... etc etc)
It's "fuck you dad" but not really that much.

It's the one interracial marriage where neither set of parents is probably going to disown you.

ProgKing of the North

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Many 2nd, 3rd, whatever generation Asians are assimilated to the point that they don't really consider themselves x-Americans anymore than say, a French-American would. Many of these folks probably don't even give a fuck that it's interracial, hell some of 'em probably grew up together.
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