Why are white people so pathetic now? - #KillAllWhitePeople


When did they all become such pussies?

My relatives are old enough to remember the French and the Americans in Vietnam; and most European states have long histories of subjugating other parts of the world. They were not the only people to do this, and both conquerors and slaves came from many races, creeds and cultures.

It is uniquely the white races that seem to have lost this fire however. The Chinese are still ruled by a dynasty and sat upon the wheezing bodies of smaller client states around them. Africa has declined terribly since the white men left and the end of South Africa really was the nail in the coffin for any hope of native development not bought and directed by Israel or China. South America is still the coked up irrelevant shithole it always was too, but all of these people still retain some sense of national pride and determination to rule and govern themselves.

What the fuck happend to you people though? Less than a hundred years ago you were shooting the savages before they got within thirty feet; now you throw yourselves at their feet grovelling for the sin of actually existing.

I'm not aiming this at a particular state in particular. America, Britain, Germany, Canada. Even my own native France is just as guilty.

I see the backward shithole half of my family came from, we realised the way up was through the western way. But now I see the natives willingly dismantling everything to better resemble the desolate wastelands these zealots are so determined to bring here.

I can see the mad on the internet ratings flooding in but I really just can't grasp it. What the fuck is wrong with white people? Why are you all collectively punishing yourselves stead of telling the woke, the muslims or whatever invader it is that week to fall in line or fuck off?

The angriest and most determined anti woke, Islam etc people I know in real life and online? Most of them aren't white. But if I had a cent for every white insta thot spewing this stuff I'd be in Forbes rich list now.
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It's likely for the same reasons other races are dysfunctional: narrative and illusions fabricated by the various medias pepole consume pushed on the simpler minded for now an entire century (e.g: whites are naturally evil oppressors who engineered the bloddiest conflicts, blacks being helpless victims of slave markets).

You could argue that with first worlder comfort, pepole became more mentally and morally vulnerable, and while i do believe that to a certain degree, you can't really say or really prove mentalities changed, as these same pepole would've been, at another time period, been the same pepole going from village to village whipping themselves in Europe in the name of god in the Middle Ages, you also can't prove everyone has been poisonned by such mentalities by the sole fact that loads of pepole, including you, still kept their own set of beliefs, and believe it or not, it's neither rare nor very common, it's hard to find yes, but paradoxically, it isn't, because these "free minded" pepole naturally tend to live in smaller circles or by themselves.

Lots of pepole live their lives being told what to do rather than live by their own rules regardless of time periods.

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Multiple reasons they worked so we'll because they start young and go on through most of life.

1. Education, it is more and more focused on telling you how bad white people were and are, I got to see textbook change from the chineese and the irish built the railroad to black men did it because whitey forced them, I got to see mining towns get memery holed and the fact that the U.S. bought the slaves change to white people captured them by hand. Reading stories like hucklebary fin or shakespear got replaced with stories about oppression and crazy Christians.

When you got to college you were encouraged to take a social studies class that turned into a mandatory pre-requisit. The amount of classes you had to take in that field grew to the point where you need to take a class based on a minority culture.
I shocked people by being the black guy that took a class on native americans, and while she informed us of how they were mistreated she let us know that they were violent people and that they would often raid each others camps for fun or sport.

2. Entertainment From a young age you are taught how awful Bigotry is and how hard black people have it, this is designed to give you empathy. It's also designed to make you consider bigot as the most evil thing someone can be. As you grow older the shows you watch have a stronger version of the message and are blunt about it, instead of stories of lizards mistreating birds it is stories about white people mistreating blacks. This isn't helped that the shows you watch want to make you act so the put the blame for the racism on people who don't act. Combine this with comedians that always insult white people making you laugh and associate that negative commentary with a positive memory and it starts to make sense.

3. Letting Others Parent: Both parents are expected to work regardless of their income level, stay at home parenting is shunned and made fun of. So you end up letting the state, daycare's, and the media raise your kids. As shown in point 1 and 2 the things designed to raise your kids are designed to make them hate whitey and since you can't put in the time to raise them they end up hating themselves.

4. Law Enforcement is Against You: Whether it be ruby ridge, Waco, or any glow in the dark fuck up whenever white people start to band together or even show pride in themselves they are immediately labeled extremest and may be put down if they get to big. Combine this with hate speech laws and the destruction of age old institutions, like the boyscouts, and you realize you can't have a backbone or you may lose your rights. I mean hell look at the Boogaloo Boys they glow in the dark so bright you can see them from miles but they still try to push people getting pissed at the protestors as extremist and dangerous.

5. They Already Took One Of Societies Pillars out: Listen I know fedora tippers are going to give me dumb and autistic ratings for this but the reality is the U.S. was a christian nation built on Christian morals but today those morals are gone and Christianity is a shell of it's former self. Since they already took out one of the key characteristics of the U.S. by mocking it and shaming it the people of the U.S. learned to hate the past and hate part of themselves, it's safe to assume most current day atheist come from "Christian" families, that they are ashamed of being duped, and can now be convinced that they are being tricked again.

6. Mob rule: The modern day human is a narcissistic sociopath too lazy to improve themselves and jealous of everyone around them. Since they refuse to build themselves up they will take people down and thanks to the education system, law enforcement, and entertainment they know they can tear down Bigot. Since all you need to do to be considered a Bigot is make an off color joke or be taken out of context they can do this to anyone they want.

7. Good Times: While cities are burning and police are being defunded the average white is still comfortable in their house, they have their vidya, their T.V. and their job until the bread or circuses are taken away they won't fight back. The powers at be understand how to boil a frog so they'll only take those away gradually so people won't notice.

TL: DR Years of being taught to hate themselves
Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk about why whitey will go extinct soon I feel ashamed that I wrote a thesis paper but I am known to ramble.
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short answer: jews

long answer: leftism taking over russia, followed by western marxists (backed and partially controlled by KGB operations) taking over academia, media, and eventually all political and public life in the west

The angriest and most determined anti woke, Islam etc people I know in real life and online? Most of them aren't white.
go on, have some white guy express determined anti woke, islam etc opinions in real life and online, see how long it takes for his entire life to be ruined and destroyed

edit: also, democracy with universal suffrage (especially womens suffrage) was a catastrophic mistake
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In all places throughout all of humanity, the grand majority of people (hereby 'good people') will do what is expected of them and believe what their society believes. Work the farm, join the army, become a doctor, or get a cushy office job for your family, for the Emperor, or for the abolition of slavery. The modern day is no different, only the beliefs have changed.
The unquestionable assumptions of the modern west, #AllLivesMatter and its spinoff #AllLivesAreEqual, mean that should not be any differences between one person and another person. One can clearly see that this never plays out in practice, so people start to hate whatever they perceive as the cause (black people, the Jews, the prison system, police, their boss, capitalism, socialism, etc.)
White people are visibly much more successful, which conflicts with this extremely core belief of #AllLivesAreEqual. Regardless of the actual reasons for this success, many conclusions are drawn, and this causes negative feelings in white and non-white people alike. The media, instant communications technology, and bad-faith meddlers all act as a catalyst, not creating but accelerating the growth and flourishing of these negative feelings.
'Good people' who are white believe in #AllLivesAreEqual sincerely, and will do what they can to help. They notice their better circumstances and see them as sin. They are taken advantage of by people with extreme personalities ('bad people') using a carrot-and-stick model, where the carrot is washing your hands of the sin of better circumstances and the stick is getting you fired from your job for misbehaving.

White people are doing what they've always done, what everyone's always done, which is to act out their role on society's stage. That's it! No NWO, Soros, or Clinton/Trump cabal necessary.