Why are you still watching Enter's videos? -

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El Rodrigo

...what the fuck is the poster below me doing?
I watch them now and again. I do remember some of the shows he's putting in the hot seat, and, like it or not, I do enjoy seeing what critics have to say about it, including him.

Truth be told, though, I don't like it when he gets too worked up over an Animated Atrocity. Jesus, I know some shows are complete shit, but that's no reason to lose yours.


I'm really feeling it!
When I do get myself to watch his videos, I watch them to see how he goes way too deeply in the shows he reviews. It's kind of a train-wreck I have to see to the end.
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Sanae Kochiya

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Why do we watch content related to x lowcow?

The same reason as that:
to laugh at them.
This is the basic mantra of the Kiwi Farms in general.

But honestly? Enter is fucking boring. I don't watch his shit because it isn't even like Sonichu where I'm amused by how insane it gets, or like that old debacle with Peter Coffin and his doll wife where it's just such a big train wreck that I don't want to look away. The last Enter video I ever tried watching was his "dramatic reading," which I listen to for a good 30 seconds before getting annoyed by how he simply didn't know how to do a dramatic reading.

He's incompetent, ignorant, and full of himself, but he doesn't even provide even lulziness in his videos to warrant looking at them. I just glance at the cliffnotes and just give my opinion there, and I only really look at Enter's stuff when he starts expressing his views, opinions, or ideas, such as the whole thing with GA or that absolutely godawful shit regarding education and college.

Speaking of, I am looking partially forward to his month on education, if only because I know, deep down, it'll be nothing but sperging and anecdotes of his failed education, and I can basically see how little of the education system he actually understands or appreciates.

Also, welcome to the Farms, @jacobsonic. I know it's not an explicit law here on the Enter subforum, but don't White Knight. And don't insult the intelligence of your fellow man by trying to disguise it as a topic asking why we hate Enter and goading hate responses of us just doing it to blindly hate on Enter like we have no life. If Enter wants to defend himself and shit talk the forums, he can get off his fucking YT/dA throne and do it himself.


I don't watch him, but I'd say a reason why is the same as why people go to McDonalds knowing that its not good for you or why people watch spongebob even after saying it sucks.

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