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No man fears what he has seen grow
I need to see documentation of that
My name is Thomas Jay Wasserberg. I am known variously (and fairly
widely) as Crazy, Rabbi, Doctor, Professor, Admiral or Ptomaine Tommy. It is
my blessing to be possessed of a very highly inbred set of genes of families
descended from the tribe of Levi, the priestly tribe of the House of Israel.
I have been further blessed with many excellent teachers, comrades, and
fellow travelers on a path strewn with terrible obstacles and marvelous
opportunities. My way focuses on manifesting myself from peace, love and
respect for all life forms and ways.
As a Melchizedekan priest to whom alcohol is a sacramental substance, it
has been especially distressing in my relations with the Rainbow Family --
both at Gatherings and in the community -- to observe the damage being done
by the alcohol conflict. It should be obvious by now that banning
recreational alterants is a losing proposition. I firmly believe that the
Rainbow Family must establish an alcohol supply and an appropriate site for
a camp within the body of the Gathering. In order for the Family to maintain
its cross-cultural identity, just as we do not ban carnivorism, we must
become brothers and sisters of alcoholism.
As a semi-famous dumpster diver, I would be willing to focalize with
anyone interested in creating a recycling center and cantina. I can bring
equipment for a kitchen that can handle one hundred people daily. With some
creative energy input we can manifest a trading center for trash with food
and drink.
I propose that the Family accept alcoholism and cater to it in a way
that is harmonious with the Rainbow. Establishing a trading post within the
body of the Gathering that deals in alcohol could answer the problem. So
long as people are not hurting themselves or others, it is wrong not to love
them in the same way as everyone else and when they are causing pain because
of the alcohol, we must respond to the spirit of the Gathering and treat them
with more love and bring them healing.
A point was raised to which I agree: that the hat money should not go
to big corporations. If it is not possible to establish an adequate supply
with Family brew -- any moneys spent should be with smaller local brewers and
To sum up, please consider an alcohol camp on or near a main trail,
supplied by the hat, trading alcohol for labor (trash collection, shitters,
food prep, etc.) or goods. By doing so I truly believe we can convert all
the conflict to a more peaceful, healing Gathering.
630 Vernon
Glencoe, IL 60022
Transient American Project
26126 Forest
Antioch, IL 60002
(commercial campground for self-contained units near state park with free


Just some asshole cat
Mr. Wasserburg claims he has been an Internet user since its inception. Why is he unable to make a single post that makes sense?

Yet he makes thread after thread. Post after post. And they are all broken.

Is he retarded? Is it dementia?

Yes to all of the above.

But remember you're a troll and an idiot for pointing his bullshit out.

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