Why can't white people eat spicy food? -

Europeans never got used to huge amounts of spice because they didn't eat low quality meat. When you have almost rotting meat and no way to preserve or prolong the life of it (i.e. hunter gathering) you have to eat things which don't taste very good. The solution to that is covering them in a mask of strong flavors. When you spit roast a pig or you cook a joint of beef for a Sunday roast you don't need to mask the flavor, it tastes great the way it is. The natural fats and roasting need very little to really pop, and you can get the extra flavor from making a gravy out of those meat juices. You can get this all year round when you have invented farming and have a choice when to butcher animals or use cured animal products.

If Europeans wanted to change the taste of things they used herbs which can enhance the flavor without smothering it out of existence and they're still used today. People who think European cooking is bland often discount all the best parts of European cooking because they consider it "multinational", Christmas/Thanks giving dinner are both European in origin and you would be hard pressed to find a better meal on the planet. Kings used to have feasts filling entire halls with chimera animals sowed together to show off how insanely rich they were. Crazy amounts of time and effort went into these feasts and today we forget all of this because of the industrial revolution. When Europe was taken over by industry as we know it today all the cooking had to change to be fast and easy to cook. There wasn't time and most the women moved away and never got all the family recipes as their mothers and grandmothers had. Which utterly ravished the traditional British food knowledge. And very few people are willing to investigate it and put the effort into adopting older recipes.

Good quality food tastes best when prepared well and with little addition. Bad quality food needs leaving in a bucket of spices, sugar and fats so you can't taste it any more.
Most Indian meat dishes are heavily spiced for this reason, spice hides a certain level of rancidity. In incredibly hot climates, it's exceptionally hard to keep meat from spoilage without modern refrigeration.

Why can't brown people defend their countries from white people who want their spices?
Because the spice must flow - Some science fiction guy.


Intense hot sauce and spices are great to put on everything. It's just the "spicy food" us white people don't eat sucks because there's little to no meat and looks like dog diarrhea.


I find that ex opiate addicts often have a problem with spicy foods. I assume its because they've burned out their endogenous morphine systems. The enjoyment we get from spicy foods is due to an endorphin dump and can feel similar to a runner's high. I don't see this often being the case with ex-junkies. Poor fools.
While he doesn't specify what kind of addict he was, this guy supposedly supplanted his drug problem with an enthusiastic pursuit of stronger and stronger spice.



>all these white people who can handle spicy food better than me
shit I guess I'm actually white now.
I'm more of a sweet tooth guy than a spice guy but still.
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I'm pasty as fuck, and I love chili peppers, hot sauces, spicy Thai food, all that. I hate going to Thai places and asking for the five star, and they give me three because they think silly whitey can't handle it.

Sometimes, I'll just sit around putting Blair's or Dave's Insanity on corn chips and eating 'em one after another. A lot of sauces, I can't even taste the heat anymore. Tabasco tastes like vinegar water. Sriracha tastes like garlic sauce to me.

The thing is, you can use a sauce straight, or you can make all kinds of dips and blends and stuff at home. All these kids out there using Sriracha don't know what they're doing, really. All you need is a garlic press and some garlic cloves, mayonnaise, and your hot sauce of choice to make a hot aioli that is perfect for fries, calamari, fried chicken, whatever. It beats the pants off Huy Fong bullshit.

My faves:

Pepper Palace deserves a special mention. A lot of the really hot sauces out there, well, they basically cheat. They put capsaicin extract in 'em to make 'em hotter. Most of Pepper Palace's sauces are just straight peppers with no extracts, and they go for specific pepper blends to produce the best flavor profile, so while they tend to be less hot, they're very tasty.

For a true chili head, hot sauce is literally like a drug. I can feel the tingle and my mouth starts watering just looking at the labels on hot sauce bottles.

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I find that ex opiate addicts often have a problem with spicy foods. I assume its because they've burned out their endogenous morphine systems. The enjoyment we get from spicy foods is due to an endorphin dump and can feel similar to a runner's high. I don't see this often being the case with ex-junkies. Poor fools.
Godbear DAMN, I never realized! I used to LOVE me my lamb vindaloo, the hotter the better. No sambal or ghost pepper would phase me before the kidney stones made their acquaintance with oxycodone. I used to relish the burn, and would often complement the nonplussed Indian chefs who had given me their nastiest most poisonous curry with a grin, sure i'd be vomiting or screaming for some milk.

Now I can't take it stronger then commercial grade 'medium' salsa or butter chicken for Indian fare and suddenly love the Japanese 'curry' that is sweeter then it is strong.

I went into one of those stores offering the 'most brutal pepper on earth' that you had to sign a waiver for, and even the tiniest titch on the end of a toothpick was enough to have me hiccuping in pain and running to the drugstore across the mall aisle for a bottle of milk (with a knowing smirk from the cashier - that place must have made a fortune on milk sales) and spent the next half hour gargling pepper and garlic scented milk to keep my mouth and throat from erupting into flame.

I wondered what the GodJesus H Tits was WRONG with me, and the only thing that changed between loving spicy and hating spicy...was opiates.


This calls for some heavy thinking. (drinking.)
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Bullshit. I'm 7/8ths White, with the other 8th being a culture that either ate corn, acorns, squash, or (mostly) starved to death. No spice in my genes, at all. That said, if possible I'd live on a diet of Indian and Ethiopian food full time. Sounds like bullshit.

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Search "hottest pepper" or "spicy challenge" or whatever on YouTube. It's like 95% white people. Pretending to like sriracha was a rite of passage for white college students for years. Probably still is.

"Wypipo ain't een tryna eat spicy food 🤣🤣😂💯" is a manufactured stereotype that only complete morons believe. It's the modern equivalent of "black people have an extra bone in their foot". Give it 20 years and it'll be a litmus test for being naive and out of touch.


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I'm white. The only spicy food I can eat at all is medium salsa when my wife makes large, soft tacos. Nothing else. Stomach can't handle it. And the taste of spicy food doesn't appeal to me.


There's less capsaicin-based spicy here and more mustard oil based spicy. It can lead to fun situations when people don't expect what's basically wasabi in a traditional german restaurant. Had business partners on visit once and went to a restaurant, and an italian guy was slathering horseradish on a piece of bread, apparently not knowing what it is. The bavarian guys around were quite amused when he found out.