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Remember that Biden's candidacy was dead in the water until the South Carolina primary, where he dominated the black vote at the very peak of pre-pandemic racial hysteria. I think at that point, the establishment said "All right, here's our guy who can win with The Blacks and isn't a bomb-throwing radical." Make him promise to put an appropriate token in the VP slot, and you've covered all your idpol bases while furthering establishment policy goals.

Petty concerns like "electability" never factored into it, since up until 3 days ago the elite consensus was that absolutely anyone would beat Trump in a landslide.

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Overall I think it's because he's safe and a lot of people want the status quo. He's an older white guy with a ton of political experience on his résumé and won't scare older (who are majority white) voters away by being some AOC type of radical with obvious contempt for them nor is he a Bernie Sanders type who has many of the AOC politics (with more intelligence) but far less contempt. For minorities (who while not an absolute monolith are all degrees of locks to vote heavily against Republicans) he's also just another old white guy, but he's not Trump. He was Black Jesus' VP so he can't be Satan like Trump is. And if he is? "Whitey do be like that" so it's a coin flip between the devil you know and the devil who was endorsed by Black Jesus. Back to white voters, for the younger ones he's has the benefit of simply not being Trump if that's the only reason they're voting, and for the ones who are less partisan at least he doesn't have obvious contempt for them.

Also as I've said a few times in a few different threads, I really don't think the Democrats even cared that deeply about the White House in 2020. Surely they cared, but it wasn't vital to win in regards to their long term goals. Biden appearing to have won is simply a really nice result for them. I've been saying this because whether Trump lasted until 2024 or not probably isn't a major concern for them since winning post-Trump is likely inevitable. They can still stymie him all of the time if he's re-elected (and if he is, wow is he ever going to more criticism than ever because of how it's going down). The demographics are still trending massively in the favour of the Democrats. The media and the academic institutions are and will still be 99% on their side and Big Tech is right there with them. Another four years of Trump, especially with a Biden loss to him would have given them four more years to harp on about white supremacy/racism (they'll do this until the last white child exists regardless, to be fair) and how 2016 to 2024 just "proved" that more diversity is needed (you were getting it either way) for America because there's still a lot of deep rooted racism (white people) everywhere; and I think that the ever growing young non-white segment (which is the future) of America will agree either actively or passively.

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