Why did you join Kiwifarms? - Autism speaks


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Because this is apparently one of the only forums/communities left that isn't afraid to call people out on their bullshit.

I've mentioned it before, but the old fandoms and sites I used to visit became so hypersensitive that you were literally stepping on eggshells, and if you weren't with the group on certain beliefs then you were a homophobe/transphobe/a fat shamer/insert whatever deluded belief they think applies to you. Glad I decided to join tbqh.
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I joined like many to follow the antics of a simple autist and his OC only to fall down the rabbit hole into wonderland.


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Joined because i feel like this is the only place where you can be you.
Internet these days has been censored and monitored by governments. Kiwifarms operator @Null have shown me that there is still people like me, who don't gave a shit.

Long live Kiwifarm.

P.S: Use VPN/TOR and be safe guys!


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I actually found the site via last year via a collection of screenshots where someone was whining on twitter. Fearless feeders yt vids ended up getting suggested on youtube because I followed that donga trainwreck2,0/mundane matt's bullshit which led me to stream.me. I made an account after stream.me anhero'd because beyond metokur: there were toooooons of exceptional individuals streaming at all hours of the day. All of them of them were just absolute trainwrecks that could be goaded into a tommytooter style meltdown.

Also narcissa. Holy fuck narcissa.
Null streaming the bit where it reads the rude 4chan comments was surreal as an ex and I posted in those threads.

Losing stream.me was legitimately depressing for many reasons, so I kind of joined to try and forget that something soo fun can just be yanked out of your hands like that.
Well, after Null got kicked out of moderating the child porn/incel section of 8 chan, following the google investigation and subsequent de-listing, I just had to wait until he got around to creating a new place. He made Kiwi Farms, filled it up with all that child porn and incel type materials, and obviously I immediately showed up.


To shitpost memes and hang out on the website responsible for the most epic email response to a government agency in recent memory.

WY 434

I was googling recipes and ended up knee deep in tranny pie.

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Joined for a fandom autist, stayed to place bets on Jahi v Jesus.

I went inactive to mobile lurk for about a year but the gravitational pull of Dear Leader's massive balls swinging over the NZ gubmint brought me back.

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Well, honestly, because people here do not have tolerance for bullshit and I have learned a lot about how not to be full of bullshit just from lurking. People find growth in the oddest of places.

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It just sorta happened. I had browsed 8ch for a long time and I suppose the first time I had heard about Kiwifarms was from browsing /cow/, but I didn't really care about it at the time. Overtime as 8ch grew progressively worse I yearned for a place that reminded me of the early days of 8ch back before the 2016 election pretty much ruined the site. Couple years later, I saw some video from Nick Rekieta that had Null in it and out of curiosity, I viewed it. Null had me interested in Kiwifarms so I started viewing all his streams and eventually started to lurk the site. It took me a couple weeks before I decided that I may as well officially sign up at this point. This place is comfy and in a way it does remind me of early 8ch so thats a plus.


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I've been a furry drama spectator for almost 10 years

Lurking off and on forever, finally joined during the Zoosadism spectacle because this was the only place I saw actually talking about it and like everyone else I wanted to see heads roll. Stayed for the oddly wholesome community built around bullying speds.
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I don't know how I got here, but now I can never leave.
Not even in death am I free
God have mercy on my soul


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There's very little honest & intelligent discussion any place online these days.
KF is like a little ark. Outside, the waters are rising.
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I think it was to talk about SJW antics back when this was CWCki Forums. This was also before Trump Derangement Syndrome, so woke insanity was nowhere near as bad then.

Also I had been reading the CWCki a lot, so talking about CWC too I guess.

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