Why do black women hate white women so much? - Serious question

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I was curious so I just now posed this question to a South Indian woman and she said "because you're really irritating" and I guess that's fair
You might personally be irritating to her, but that really doesn't have anything to do with OP's comment.

OP asked about black women, or POC's as they like to call them on the internet these days. South Indian women aren't part of this group. In fact, they are also hated and envied by the POC's because Indians are more "privilaged", at least in the West. They are much more likely to have post secondary educations, they make more money, and black women love buying expensive wigs made from Indian women's hair.

Indian women are so much higher on the food chain compared to blacks that...


Nov 5, 2018

This is Lee Boyd Malvo. One of the DC snipers. He has a very effeminate face imo. He eventually admitted after the thrill of each random kill he and his accomplice John Allen Muhammad would have wild gay sex. Link

Even crazier, an insane sjw trust fund baby married him in prison. Link

What is my point with all this? Just agreeing blacks are mostly ugly and fucking a black woman is sometimes not too far from fucking a black dude.

PS: The trust fund sjw who married him also looks very dykey and that could be why she's attracted to his ugly effeminate ass.



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Mar 27, 2019
There isn't much sexual dimorphism in black people. Other than tits, if you shave a black woman's head she will look no different than a black man of similar build.
You could do that with white women, too. Perhaps most women, regardless of race.

Reflexively, many black men look to other races that show more femininity.
On the other hand, lack of feminine behavior from black women is a complaint I've heard repeatedly from black men.

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Nov 6, 2014
They are mad because Tyrone be like: Where all da white wommanz at?

There is a reason anime girls always have pale skin and blonde or neon hair.

There is just something about paleness that stands out. Perhaps like how birds use colourful feathers.

Shame sjws ruined hair dyes.


Apr 15, 2021
Anytime youtube recommends me a video about beauty standards the comments are just an ocean of women talking about white women and how they ruin everything. The thing is they’re definitely correct that white women are perceived as more beautiful, but the seethe and cope is so apparent that it’s just borderline pathetic.

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Jun 9, 2021
It’s a cultural thing imho. Stereotypical white girls raised by family with a suburban mentality live a better life than girls raised in the ghetto. Sure, living in the hood makes your tougher and whatever, but it’s not a pleasant way to live and the astronomical number of single black “baby mamas” and other statistics prove the point.
I guess you can call it envy. The step from envy to hate is very small.