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My take, as a working class(ish) British person. Sorry this is gonna be rambly as I'm writing this on my phone!

I think in the USA and other Western Cultures the word 'middle class' is used to describe the working class as well as the middle class. Anytime I watch anything from the US, they commonly refer to the middle class as the people who work hard but who's income is stretched thin. That's not really done here unless people really are middle class - e.g they own property and have disposable income. So that comes into play, it's not ultra poor folk hating on normal people. It's mostly normalish folk enving and being annoyed at people quite similar to them but with bags more money - usually because the money has been passed down through generations.

The underclass and working class are lumped together here. The junky benefit cheats and stereotypical scheme families are in with the hard working families, single parent households, the graduate/apprentice on a shit wage, the young couple working low level jobs trying to start a family. The issue is the the latter list of people are also considered benefit scroungers even though often their income is shit yet they don't qualify for any benefits to top up their income. Or they've only claimed benefits during a short time of being out of work. Or they're on benefits due to a *genuine* disability. The idea that all working class people are scummy also divides the classes, when many aren't. They just don't have a lot of money and probably came from a family of the same who can't support them.

There is also an idea, that I kind of agree with and kind of don't, that gentrification hikes up prices in places drives the working class out and the middle class in. Make of that what you will but it definitely makes people pissed.

I'm a bit of a lefty so this take is probably quite unpopular, but the middle class have a lot more opportunities than the working class. The gap between all social classes in the UK constantly widens. Even if a working class person is from a *good* family (I.e not dole scroungers or junkies) their level of opportunity is probably going to be lower than a middle class person - they don't have disposable income so they're unlikely to have all the same technology, they probably go on less holidays, their chance to network is lower, if they live in a poor area their school might be worse and thus its harder for them to go to university, if they are at uni they get a better loan but again this needs paid back but they also probably need to work through their studies again missing the opportunity to network, etc. Even when a working class person gets a good career, they will probably still have debt and other outgoings that a middle class person doesn't due to the last generation (and possibly generation before) being so well off.

I lived a similar experience and thankfully managed to get into a really good uni but 85% of my course is middle or upper class and it pisses me off that I can't go to half the events they go to or join the same clubs/societies or do unpaid internships to further my career opportunities because my family don't give me money and I need to work alongside my studies. Friends of mine who went to private school did their exams over longer periods of time but don't record it that way - and they had their mock exams unregulated so everyone got As and Bs. So it does annoy me the grades I got in one year, whilst working every single weekend, and having other personal responsibilities on top of them (that I won't PL about) were easily obtained by little posh kids in two who had loads of help from their teachers.

There is also a trend in politics, of middle class, mostly privately educated people saying they speak for the working class. It's so prevalent in the Labour Party hard left. They speak about class politics and all these issues that, to be honest, don't speak to the working class. The Labour Party is also full of nepotism more than the Conservatives are. It feels like its not the party of the working class when middle class people run it like a cliquey extended family business of people who cosplay being working class.

There is also middle class British stereotypes that people find annoying.

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It’s about time we stopped knocking the working class and poor ch4vs. The biggest problem I believe Ilfracombe has, is its whole generation of 16-24 year olds raised by middle class parents.

They fill Ilfracombe’s restaurants and cafés, announcing every self diagnosed intolerance. Gluten intolerance or lactose, if it’s trendy to have… They have it. They post on all forms of social media about their wonderful life with photos of them basically naked, or selfies by the ocean or parents backyard. Then tweet about how they suffer from anxiety and depression the next.

They sneer at men working the harbour, complain everyone is racist when they haven’t even left the confides of mummy and daddy’s white suburb. And are generally awful people to be close to in Wetherspoons – even though they claim to friends they avoid Wetherspoons.

However a true nemesis arrives… The entitled teens from London are here on holiday. They truly know how to become a victim of food allergies and hogging social media posts away from Ilfracombe’s own brats. With actual good looks and real wealth flaunted on a private yacht. Rather than the Ilfracombe girl posing on the Ilfracombe princess tour, claiming she’s on a friend’s yacht.

Thank you London girls, we owe you our gratitude.