Why Do Gays Act The Way They Do?

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Feb 2, 2019
You know how black people took a couple of generations to act like black people across the world in the US after slavery? First they really tried a to live life on european people terms, before their collective culture grew up and started to act according to what best fits their nature when they're not trying to appease outside judges (in this case, american whites) in how they live.

Faggots are a mix of two things; how men would live anti-socially if they weren't always trying to appease women on the one hand, and how shamelessly disgusting persons who try to attract men would act if they were less socially worried about what other people thought about them.

Basicly the worst of both genders is what you get. Give me a grumpy sex-starved lesbian any day. They're gentler people.


Jun 10, 2020
Im not sure to be honest, but I understand your question.

I think its a case where a group of people adapt their personality to a cultural stereotype and appropriate it within their own.

For a non-gay example, Ive had otherwise normie friends growing up who, once they started hanging out with a skater crowd in high school, started talking like rejects from some Avril Lavigne music video. You also have the case of people who become wiggers later on in high school who change their speech and behaviors once they adopt a new culture. I don't even think its necessarily forced permanently, but once theyre in that culture for awhile, it does become a more unconscious part of their personality.

It's a pretty weak thing to do imo though. Being gay shouldn't be a subculture, its a sexuality and your personality or who you were before should be the thing that still defines you even after.


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Jul 5, 2021
There's a difference between whiny faggots who want to LARP as women and gay guys.
Gay 'culture' has normalized acting like a stereotypical flamboyant fag, but in reality these types of gays are a small minority. Any gay dudes with some semblance of self respect will be indistinguishable from any straight dude.

Amber the Hedgehog

Aug 23, 2018
Well there is a theory that homosexuality at least in men is related to getting a "wrong" hormonal cocktail during pregnancy because a male is much more likely to end up gay if he has multiple older brothers. Any time a woman is pregnant someone of the hormones and blood of the baby end up to her system too. This can all sorts of chaos with her health especially if it's a boy because of the differences in males and females. According the theory the mothers body learns to fight this masculinization effect in her and in turn feminizes the baby boy resulting not only gayness but more fem behavior patterns.

Not sure if that's right but I do think there is something there about gender nonconformity and homosexuality being related. This isn't to discredit the masculine gay men, feminine lesbian women, feminine straight men or masculine straight women, but there does seem to be much higher percent of femmy dudes and tomboys among the homosexuals than the heterosexual population. I don't think it's all cultural when we can find references of femme dudes sucking dick all around the world in various historical records. Still it's probably some compilation of nature and nurture like most behavioral trends tend to be.


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Feb 4, 2021
Because feminine gays hang out with woman and so emulate woman behavior, the same way that Gym gays act like Gym bros, it is a question of ambient and circumstances. Twinks are the perfect balance as all things should be


Apr 30, 2016
You emulate the people around you one way or another. That and I think what a lot of straight people miss is being a young queer kid is actually pretty fucking terrible. You don't have some epiphany and go "I like cock!" and that's it, it's more that you spend years trying to have normal relationships and failing to find any sort of spark or attraction, or you feel things for your friends and beat yourself up because you don't know what's going on other then that you're NOT supposed to think Andy looks pretty cute in those shorts. You spend a lot of time questioning yourself and feeling alienated and lonely. Like when I was a kid and I felt anything for anybody of the same sex it felt like a bullet hit me. I didn't want that. An example of this, once I turned on gay porn because I was trying to "test" myself. Like, "oh I'm totally not into cock, I'll watch this and that'll prove it".

It did not prove it. So not only was I confused and scared, now I was also really horny. Talk about the world's most pathetic jerk.

And I STILL didn't admit that shit to myself!

I think for a lot of people who experience this kind of emotion over the top faggotry becomes appealing because it's pretty much the exact opposite of it. Nope, not insecure about this anymore! HOT STUFF, COMIN' THROUGH! DON'T MIND ME BOYS, JUST LICKING THIS BANANA TOTALLY NONSEXUALLY! OH DID YOU THINK I WAS TRYING TO SHOW YOU SOMETHING WINK WINK!?!?"