Why do many Kiwi’s use the N word? -

Why do you say the n word

  • I am actually racist

    Votes: 41 21.0%
  • I say it to be edgy

    Votes: 12 6.2%
  • I am joking

    Votes: 16 8.2%
  • I say it to protest political correctness

    Votes: 25 12.8%
  • I am a troll

    Votes: 11 5.6%
  • I am black

    Votes: 42 21.5%
  • I have the N-word pass

    Votes: 21 10.8%
  • I am a gamer

    Votes: 27 13.8%

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Vivere Militare Est.
we are all niggers
Finally someone who gets it.
Lol no. I doubt most of the people on this site are racist. We are all anonymous. Nobody cares whether or not you use it on an anonymous site and it can only be racially demeaning depending on the context in which it is used. Context is everything. And about 99.99% of the site use it in a joking context.

I'm a blackie and I don't find the N-word inherently demeaning as long as you look into the context its used. Michael Richards fucking up on stage is a perfect example of the misuse of the word as sort of an insult, even though his rage-out is some legendary shit, some comedy genius.

Most people use it in a joking context or just to refer to the person as "my nigga" in the same way someone would refer to someone as "listen, bud", so I don't see the problem as long as its used appropriately, just as any other slur. Words change over time.
And this is why in Latin America we could call ourselves "mi negro" all the time, when it comes from an endearing context. Or a playful context, or almost any context.

The emphasis and context do matter a lot in the Spanish language, it's why we can't wrap our heads around the whole "shushhsusshhuush don't say that, words are evil" puritanical concept you people keep perpetuating. As if saying "nigger" just by itself is supposed to set off a black dude no matter the context.

Considering how many Mexican immigrants you guys have up there, you ought to learn a thing or two about the Spanish language and familiarize with emphasis and context for every single word.


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Aside from a few fascists, this site generally leans towards the idea of free speech and anything being acceptable as long as nobody is actually harmed.

Retarded people like Ben Shapiro have ruined the idea but "facts over feelings" tends to be a good principle. This word has been elevated to being a taboo and if anything, Nigger is the only taboo in the entire western hemisphere. The idea of taboo is absurd and we don't care about feelings so there is nothing stopping us from saying the word.

The Saltening

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I say nigga/nigger because I don't believe words should be "not allowed" or restricted, especially based on skin color. Speech is speech and nobody should be told they can't say something.
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It's usefulness is in keeping the morality/word police outta the site. Spray a couple niggers in the corners of some threads and it's like repellant for those faggots; especially because they know they cannot do anything about it on this site.
Conceding to not using the word nigger is the beginning of the hobby slippery slope.


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Because it's just a word. A word with hard consonants that feels satisfying to type and say. You have to put in effort to say nigger properly, otherwise there is no umph. Cunt is also a fantastic example of this, as is faggot.

Edited because I realised that I never actually typed nigger in my op... making me the cunty niggerfaggot