Why do my balls smell like dead trout that's been left out on a hot midsummers eve? -


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The microbiome of our skin is delicate. Kill the unhealthy stink producing bacteria with some tea tree wipes. Then eat healthier, shower less often and with lukewarm water and a mild soap. Use a healthy bacteria spray daily to rebalance your skin flora (or roll around in the dirt if you're cheap).

It isn't normal to stink really bad on the same day you showered, even your stank zones (pits/balls/ass). You gotta fix that shit bro.

Aunt Carol

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That sounds like it may be fungal.

Try washing your scrotum, pat dry (the skin is likely irritated) and use an OTC antifungal treatment.

Powder is the best in this instance, but cream or any other form will work; check the label and avoid anything with menthol in it, which will sting.

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Either you haven't washed your balls for a couple weeks or necrosis of the tissue is happening due to spider bite or needle play or some shit.

Take a couple showers and then smell again. If they're still smelling just as bad, then I'm sorry but you're fucked.

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It's swamp cock. very similar to swamp ass but 100 times worse. Air them out after washing and pray the stank subsides. It won't do much long term, though, given the current weather.