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Because all they've ever heard of communism is that it sounds perfect. They're just naive, sheltered kids who think the world is black and white and that evil can just be quashed so the real, perfect leader can come in and bring equality. They also seem to think that everyone works equally hard, probably thinking their the epitome of the hard worker getting fucked over by the man.

So basically, they're just sheltered retards who think they know better cause their sheltered retarded friends agree with them.


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Ignorance of the realities of human nature combined with the optimism of a person privileged enough to not have seen much shit go wrong. It leads them to believe in the fairy-tale of a fully equitable society where life can be fair if you just believe hard enough. Their worldview is largely based on what other people tell them rather than direct experience, which is a handy and useful type of person to have around if you're trying to further a goal that won't bear much scrutiny before it's exposed as a terrible plan.

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Paraphrasing the great William F. Buckley Jr.

What would happen if the Communists occupied the Sahara? Answer: Nothing—for 50 years. Then there would be a shortage of sand.
Nowadays Buckley would be considered moderate. Hell, even Barry Goldwater would be barely right of center in today's climate.

Zoomers want to be rewarded for their bourgeois laziness and think socialism is the answer. They only need to learn about the "Cultural Revolution" in China to see how that went -- an entire generation of intellectual elite "re-educated" and replaced with superstitious thugs. Not to mention the Gulags of Soviet Russia.

"Reeeeee but that's not real communism" they'll say. Well, the commies I hung out with in college said the same thing 50 years ago. With their parents' money, they went to Cuba in the summers to help with the sugar cane harvest. They're all working for the government now btw so I guess college commies actually have a viable career path.

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I really want to say it's do to a hatred of mega corporations and a demand for our government to real in the power of Amazon, google, twitter, etc. but to be honest it's free shit and what the media tells them to want. I honestly get your confusion cause 9/10 times the communist larpers are some of the biggest consumers on the planet *cough* movie bob *cough*. It's also confusing cause they'll screech about eating the rich but ignore that their overlords, Bernie no refunds Sanders, are the 1% and the giant corporations that are legally distinct entities.

I'd blame the education system and the media that have been ragging on America and capatalism for the past 30+ years for making them hate our current system and wanting to look into alternatives. This leads them to listening to rich socialist that make their living off entertainment telling them they will make their living doing whatever they are best at. Since most are too young to develop a skill they think they could be like the people who taught them about socialism and be entertainers. After that they are sold on it, I mean wouldn't you want to live in a society where all you had to do was livestream, write, star in movies, draw and get paid the same amount as a man doing heart surgery.


Because they are stupid. They have no idea what socialism is. They think that it means that life is exactly the same, only they get lots of free stuff. That is not how it works. Socialism is "social" control over the economy. The "workers" (or their much smarter elite representative who assist with actual labor) decide what to make and how much and how it should be exchanged. The people who support socialism is western countries actually think that eliminating private property will somehow give people more and make stuff more available.

I actually hope that they are able to get it. They would be poor as heck very soon and the US would have no foreign investment. The heads of socialist "leaders" would end up on pikes as quality of life declined for everyone.


Stability. Guaranteed work. Extremely strong government safety nets meaning if you get supremely fucked in life, you won't die in the streets. Here in the nordics we're halfway there, almost everyone are middle class, government guarantees you (shitty)housing and a livable amount of money so you don't starve, education is free. Homelessness is non-existent.
Hard mode is trying it with the US population and systems.
Admittedly we could also take a severe cut to military budget but that's off the table because uh... reasons.


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Because "post-scarcity" and "economic equality" sound nice. It doesn't matter that both are impossible, our prophet Marx has seen into the future and says that its totally going to happen.
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There is a plethora of reasons, mainly: internet culture is changing.

Remember that the Internet ethos used to be very libertarian. There was this idea that the reason there were so many libertarians was that we internet denizens were better informed and were smarter than the general public. The truth is: it was all demographics. Same reason feminism went from being laughed at ten years ago to now being ubiquitous on the internet.

The Internet used to be inhabited by a very special kind of people (many of them exceptional individuals) that leaned towards libertarianism, atheism and antifeminism. This has changed: social media colonized the bad lands that were the internet, and this means that a sample of all society layers can be regularly found here. The reason communism and marxism were never popular here is that it's exponents in the cyberspace were 18 y/o freshmen, or academics that didn't really engaged in discussions on internet forums.

Since we now have educated people coming from college using the internet, who have read a whole century of apologists and who are articulated enough to express their ideas and form debate, it's easy to see how young people might see all the far left stuff as the trendy and smart thing to follow.

The disaster that was the Peterson/Zizek debate also helped. That showed everybody that Marx's critics had became too lazy to actually read and understand Marx.

Two main forces dominated the internet in this pasts years (2014-2020). These are: the liberals (your average sjw) and conservative/nazi larpers. A lot of the people in the first group were introduced to anarchocommunism by breadtube, using LGBTQ+ topics in order to lure them in; the second group was castrated by silicon valley and their brand friendly policies. There is definitely a pipeline between /pol/ and Stalin for that reason, which explains why so many kekistani refugees flocked to bunkerchan.

The last piece of the puzzle is millenial/zoomer education. Millenials and Zoomers have come into contact with activities that used to be dilettante pleasures for the elite, particularly philosophy, and want to live their lives off it instead of having a shitty unfulfilling job. Having an university degree isn't a privilege anymore, and not having one is a disgrace. What this means is that we have a surplus of people that envisioned their lives as part of the elite, but have to cope with the fact that they will have to spend the rest of their lives working an alienating job. Take that, the current crisis, and you'll see how it is no surprise for communism to become popular.

One last thing: it is true that you can quote multiple times in which socialism/communism/anarchism failed, but our generation has faith that this time there is a new factor in the equation, and that is the Internet and AI: hence the gag "fully automated luxury communism." This, they believe, makes all past failures irrelevant.

I believe they are too optimistic and that the current crisis will only see capitalism rise stronger than ever with chinese-like regimes becoming the norm in western societies.

TL;DR: normies turned the internet into a college campus.
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They're right that the working class are treated like garbage by globalist corporate oligarchs, but wrong that it won't be the same thing under a communist or socialist system and that the commissars/politburo won't just be the new oligarchs. They're also wrong that they will be within the politburo and not lowly factory workers under even worse conditions than they were before because communist shitholes like China don't care about the environment or workplace safety.

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What gets me is how all of the elites are so invested in stepping towards communism.
They're not, the communists are just useful idiots. Twenty years ago, the Religious Right were the useful idiots and the neocon corporate elites still didn't want a theocracy.

As for why so many Millennials and Early Zoomers flocked to communism, it's a mix of college indoctrination, resentment towards the old Religious Right and Bush-era America, and the Great Recession making capitalism be seen as this grand villain in their eyes.

SJW's are every bit as atheistic as internet libertarians, since nearly all of the communist leaders and thinkers were also militant anti-theists who actively persecuted religious people. Both the SJW's and the Skeptics had their primary roots in the New Atheism movement of the 1990's and 2000's.

Recently, they've also become more far amenable to Wicca and other types of "witchcraft" solely because it's against Christianity and many of them still think it's 2004 and the Religious Right aren't irrelevant and powerless (and because only evil fedora men are atheists)

TLDR-They support communism because they want free shit and they're still pissed at Dad for making them go to church that one time.

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It depends on if we're talking commies/socialists that are employed, or commies/socialists that aren't employed.

For the commies that aren't employed, it's probably sheer inexperience with the world at large. They've most likely never worked a day in their lives, and just see communism or socialism as "free shit" with no downside. Pretty much everything about these types of commies that can be said has already been said by others in this thread.

Meanwhile, for those in work at least, I'd presume that it's because a lot of them work unfulfilling jobs that lead to them feeling bitter or resentful. Most of them work in service sector positions like retail, leisure and low-level admin, which are notorious for being absolutely terrible positions. And even if they decide to try and make the most of a bad situation and put 110% in, it's rare they'll get a raise or a promotion in these fields, which can naturally feed into a feeling of "why should I bother?". So you can understand why some of these people may begin to despise the current situation, and begin looking at alternatives.

You might say that they should just "get a better job", and if this was 40 years ago, I'd 100% agree with you - but since our corporate overlords decided to ship a metric fuck-ton of skilled labour abroad, what little remains has absurdly high levels of competition compared to the actual skill requirement of the job. Degrees are basically a requirement for most anything that isn't either low-level minimum-wage trash or a trade. I mention trades, as they don't usually require degrees, but are much more fulfilling and offer potential for raises/promotions or self-employment that other non-degree jobs lack, so I felt the need to distinguish them.

I guarantee that very few people working in trades or jobs they enjoy/are passionate about are communists or socialists - I bet you that almost every employed communist works low-level, service-sector trash that they despise.


I see so many peeps on social media sites or whatever, young and ignorant calling themselves unironic communists or whatnot or even socialist. I even have friends who call themselves Marxist-Leninists or Anarcho-communists. Do they not realize that communist systems don't work in practice over the dozens of countries that have tried it and thus through trying failed? Why are they so deluded as to think that it'll actually work one day?
For the simple reason that they think that they will be the ones running Failed Communist Utopia #500, and they are, to their own thinking, smarter, better, and morally superior to all of those 'failures' who came before them.
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They think it sounds fair. They don't realize that "fair" communism is just an oversimplified explanation of communism. Just like "fair" capitalism is an oversimplified explanation of capitalism. Economic systems tend to stratify the populace into the powerful and powerless no matter the name. Someone is always going to get fucked over in some way.

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I've noticed they talk a lot about eating the rich but they mostly seem to direct their hate onto two billionaire Acceptable Targets, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

This was very noticeable during the [BRAND] supports Black Lives Matter fest where people were going full Soyjak over their favorite vidya game company donating to BLM while (correctly, but they're missing the big picture that all the companies are doing it) denouncing Jeff Bezos as a hollow virtue signaler for donating money because he isn't redistributing his wealth or ending the pandemic/ending police brutality.

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I think SOME people (at least younger ones) when they think of "socialism" don't really associate it with communism or Marxism. They hear the word, and think of it more of like, social security, Medicare/Medicaid, and various government programs to help those in need. I think that's what people mean by "social democracy/democratic socialism". They're not actual "socialist-socialists", just ignorant.
OR, it could be just a case of language evolving. That happens too. Like the word "liberal", for example. What people called "liberals" in the past we now call "libertarians". Maybe that's what it is? I'm guessing someone who studied linguistics would know better.

As for those who call themselves communists, they're fucking idiots, plus many of them didn't grow up during the Cold War -- to them it's an event that happened "Ago", and you had the whole Red Scare bullshit, McCarthyism, etc. Nowadays, most communist countries aren't really the BIG THREAT that the Soviets were. China's fucked up, but it's not the same. Also, Vietnam had a lot to do with it as well -- let's face it our government DID fuck things up when it come to "fighting communism". We certainly weren't innocent, at least when it came to foreign policy. (And this isn't a "liberal vs. conservative", since both sides were doing it)
But for the most part, once again, it's ignorance. And they haven't actually LIVED in a communist country, or known anyone who has.

And for those who do know all of this, but still consider themselves socialists and/or communists? Well, there are neo-Nazis around, what's so weird about neo-commies? People are assholes.

(BTW, anyone here actually read Marx? Dude was a total crackpot, but as one of my professors said, his solution was fucked up, but he did indentify the problem correctly, at least for that particular time period)