Why do people hate Margaret Thatcher? -


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From what I can tell, Margaret Thatcher was basically the British equivalent to Reagan, but every time anyone on the Internet brings Margaret Thatcher up, it's always extremely negative (basically all the hate for Reagan and Bush combined), even years after her death. What's the deal with that? Can any British Kiwis clue me in?
I think you'll find it's in the manner of which she forced the country to open itself up.

Britain when she took over had had some disastrous economic policies from both Labour and the Conservative parties, particularly with regards to Labour Unions. Unions had been empowered by successive governments either supporting them and enshrining their power or being in direct conflict with the unions. This sort of came to a head during the winter of discontent and this was when Thatcher started to form her stance against labour unions. Her lasting legacy was forcing the UK into the modern era and global market, but as a result she had to disenfranchise the Labour Unions and destroy their power over different industries. (Effectively ending almost all British coal production, off loading nationalized industries.)

The North has never particularly forgiven her, because of the coal and the later loss of manufacturing industries.

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Right wing = bad in the minds of the media and academics, so they transfer that over to the masses through propaganda.

Oh also she pushed for the privatization of Royal Ordnance, making a mediocre rifle even worse due to disheartened engineers and workers who knew they would need to look for a new job after assembling Britain's assault rifle before it was truly ready. So yeah fuck female Ronald Reagan.


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Thatcher the kid snatcher is loathed by many for her economic policies (Thatcherite Economics.) This is most pronounced by UK's recessions of 1981 and 1991, which can be attributed to her Monetarist policies (i.e. high taxes, high interest rates) to control UK's money supply. In both recessions millions are left unemployed and embittered. It's is compounded by her privatization of the British national enterprises in the coal, mining, telecom, transport industries, whose negative effects are observable today. Finally, many Brits find her very ideals to be abhorrent (i.e. trickle down economics.) Mesh all of this together and you get yourself a boogie monster. Which she kind of was.

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Well, for starters she was just an unpleasant woman.

Ronald Reagan had loads of charisma and charm (he was an actor after all ), Thatcher didn't have any charm.

Maybe if she had been a young bird with huge norks that you could see yourself having a shag with, people might have been a little more forgiving.


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Well, for starters she was just an unpleasant woman.

Ronald Reagan had loads of charisma and charm (he was an actor after all ), Thatcher didn't have any charm.

Maybe if she had been a young bird with huge norks that you could see yourself having a shag with, people might have been a little more forgiving.
So it's basically the difference between Trump and Theresa May, if I'm correct.

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Hate to pull flumpf into this but there is a parallel here.

She won her first election to become prime minister due to a widely despised labour government who had fucked up the economy. The leftist political/media establishment, thinking this was just a fluke that could be easily undone, began loudly declaring her to be cartoonishly evil and incompetent at every opportunity with the expectation she would lose the coming election....then she won.

Thus they doubled down and went absolutely apeshit in using every platform they had influence over to communicate to every person in the country how uniquely satanic and monstrous she was and how she was turning bongland into mordor and was going to cause nuclear war and concentration camps and such, certain that with every imaginable media source from news to music to doctor fucking who declaring her the antichrist she would *definitely* lose the coming election.....then she won again.

Worst of all, after this second victory the apocalypse they promised if she won not only failed to show up but the economy took off again and the cold war ended with total western victory and her in one of the main big boy chairs claiming her generous share of the credit as the iron lady, thus vindicating her domestic and foreign policy keystones and delivering a truly biblical humiliation to a leftist circlejerk whose smug predictions of the UK becoming a destitute third world country were matched only by their unsubtle drooling over the USSR and the communist dictatorships it propped up.

In the end they never even got the closure of eventually defeating her an election or two down the line given how her underlings overthrew her, thus letting her walk away electorally undefeated with a place in the history books as the PM who led britain through the end of the cold war, who presided over the reversal of its economic and geopolitical decline, and who made the labour party and wider opposition her personal bitch for eleven years

.....and all this for a leader who frankly was never particularly charismatic, intelligent, or competent, let alone good. She just stuck to a few somewhat intelligent policy guns and loudly talked shit about how much the opposition sucked donkey dicks, and it worked a charm because it turned out the rest of the country were fucking sick of them as well.

They were so obsessed with convincing everyone she was super-duper evil and stuff that they never stopped to consider how much it made them look like unhinged lunatics, especially when the insane shit they predicted failed to materialise. They got so carried away with their mindless hatred towards her that it still poisons the labour party even today given how corbyns campaign was heavily influenced by the old anti-thatcher demagoguery and was delivered its worst results in a century last year.

This is the source of why the most uncontroversial shit she is associated with gets loudly declared as crimes against humanity, from allowing soldiers to shoot back at terrorists trying to kill them to sinking ships of nations that declared war on you and tried to annex your inhabited territories to not letting unelected trade unions of dead industries keep shutting down the country, and even today you will get people who were born ten years after thatcher left office foaming at the mouth about how she was literally hitler.

Hating her became an honest to god cult in bongland media circles and in the corbyn tier wannabe revolutionary political/activist sphere, and may well be one of the few things these champaign socialist speds genuinely get angry about given how badly her tenure humiliated them in the eyes of the public.
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A lot of the shit she did would be unthinkable now with the modern politician and their supporters, who are so fucking wet it's not even funny. Not caving to the miners striking until they ran out of money and steam, instigating actual right wing policies regarding the economy and NHS privatisation, getting into a fight with the Argentinians or supporting the death penalty, Points which, right or wrong, are inconceivable to the modern individual. Literally Hitler tier in some people's minds.

The Conservatives now keep going on about one nation Toryism where they dust off the harder right wing aspects of the party for left wing policies and paternalism don't like her because she's the opposite of what the Tories are now. Labour supporters are still very much Corbynites/Foot styled supporters, so they hate her as a matter of principle. Honestly she's a mixed bag who did both good/necessary things and also fucked up, but that to be expected with almost every politician.

Now her successor Major, he was a disaster. Led to 13 years of rule under Blair and Brown, who you can almost always point any form of British 1984 and loisencing stupidity back to them.