Why do people hate us? -


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I would say a major reason behind it is that we not only approve of it, but we openly accept people's opinions as exactly that.

There is the freedom to discuss almost any topic without the fear of being called out for 'wrongthink' or not going along with the rest of the echo chamber that mosy people are accustomed to.

And that simple action of challenging someoned worldview is fucking terrifying when they've grown up obsessed with the constant reward of instant gratification for staying within their personal safe spaces and parroting the same thing as everyone around them to get attention and asspats.


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Because we are awesome. Here, a Trans person can be friends with a Conservative, or a Lawyer with a criminal, or even a male and a female! We can disagree without having to stop speaking to each other and trying to divide our friends and family are between us. Here, we can actually DISCUSS "forbidden" topics and even entertain "wrong think" without being called out and ostracized for it.

Outside of Kiwi Farms, they see our somewhat inappropriate humor and our terminology and use it as proof of our evil. They use the fact that we can disagree with the herd mentality and yet Maintain our stature or position here as proof that we are all Nazis. They use our ability to tune out their dislike of us and the way they do things as proof that we are a blight upon the Internet.

Basically, they see what we have here, and wish they had it too, but they can't. Not without giving up their ability to virtue signal constantly. So the demonify us and make us the Boogiemen of the web. They hate that they can not find us and censure us publicly. They hate that their opinions of us have less impact then a flea bite. They hate that we show them the worst parts of themselves, and force them to confront it.