Why do people hate us? -


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Way, way easier to be mad than having to understand the concept of having different opinions or finding autistic online bullshit funny enough to banter over.
debate no hate, mate. or else fite me 1v1 rite now. Both works brilliantly and that's why KF is kinda very okay place on the internet, IMHO.


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There's a decent contingent of genuinely terrible people here, too. They're even allowed the same freedoms as anybody else who minds the rules. Some people find that intolerable.

I'd rather people vent that side of themselves online, personally. I also would rather terrible people be allowed the same self-actualization that everyone else strives for. Lots of people find that intolerable.

I can't even say they're wrong, not for sure. I think they are, and that would get me thrown to the wolves if I said so most places online. For that, I'll always appreciate this place, even if I believe it's the doomed last stand of the old ways. Hopefully I'm wrong.


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Imagine you're a pants shitting retard like say @Buffalo Bill. Now imagine every shit brained thing you ever done was recorded and archived. You can't hide being a vile shit because even if you deleted everything it's still there. All one has to do is Google it. You want to hide that footprint but we won't let you. That's why most lolcows hate us so badly.


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I don't think it's that much of a mystery. People (lolcow or otherwise) hate being laughed at. People also hate having their flaws called out and their screw-ups documented for posterity. That's human nature. So they lash out at the Farms, either by making up shit (like how we somehow killed Chloe Sagal), taking obvious shitposts seriously and literally, or pointing towards the outlier assholes here (like the Couch Cuck) and claiming every Kiwi is like that.

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Nothing is more satisfying than laughing at the expense of people who think they're awesome because they are popular on the internet.

With everything being considered "hate speech" nowadays, treating stupidity with the scorn it deserves makes you the second coming of Hitler or whatever historical figure that is vogue of being used as an insult.