Why do people hate us? -


If it was any other place legitimately archiving everything they've done (in the bad way), they'd be upset too. Anyone making fun of them is just a bonus.
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I'd say there are a number of reasons.

This place won't participate in the censoring of inconvenient facts like most other venues.
When you come here you have to actually explain your point of view instead of hiding behind a label.
Since a diversity of opinions are allowed here, it's hard to dismiss the whole group at the same time.
This place doesn't just go along with the mainstream media viewpoint.
Because people seriously think you shouldn't talk about certain things, because it's violence.
Because of the stalking and doxing.
Because you might get exposed to a logical argument that makes your question your own point of view.

But mostly I think because kiwi farms is a site where they teach you how to make trans people kill themselves through cyberbullying and you have to maintain your kill count to keep posting, and they make you convert to Nazism.

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As far as Doxxing goes, we mostly just google information on cows who decided to make their personal information public and just repost what they had already shared; which is why it’s not a good idea to use the same username everywhere you go. However, instead of putting personal accounts on fucking lockdown mode like a smart person would, they instead blame Kiwis for doxxing them... even though we repost shit they put up on the internet. (Seriously though, if you’re using your real name on any social media platform in 2018 then I hope for your sake that you leave your account on super lockdown mode).

I think it has a lot to do with accountability to be honest; most people don’t really like being put on the spot over their social media behaviour and thus want to label everyone else as the bad guys for documenting said behaviour. If they simply took the time to reflect on themselves and knock off whatever it is that has caught our attention, then they wouldn’t be a lolcow. It’s one thing to get upset about past behaviour being put on the spotlight... provided that you’ve changed for the better since then. However, most cows haven’t changed which is why they’re put on here.

What most of these people lack on top of accountability is humility, which is why a lot of Narcs make us out to be this edgy dark website that stalks people.

Unlike websites such as DeviantArt and Tumblr, we also don’t conduct witch hunts against people over edgy comments either; in fact, we have a strict no trolling plan rule which puts those places to shame. I can’t count the number of times Deviants have come on here to try to recruit a personal army because they got involved in an internet slap fight with some other Deviant, only to have it horribly backfire when Kiwis take interest in the recruiter more than whoever they’re bickering with. There’s also the demand for concrete evidence as well before commenting on shit, which most Deviants/Tumblrites won’t even ask for by contrast.

A lot of those said recruiters will often go back on DA/Tumblr/whatever stomping ground to REEEEE about Kiwis being bullies because they were told to stop being mad on the internet.

TL;DR: people don’t like being told to stop acting retarded and to take responsibility for themselves.


It's a communist plot!
Because this site is full of insufferable, emotionally-damaged hipster narcissists who try to mask their insecurities under a veneer of forced humor and moral superiority.

or because they're a bunch of fags
My humor isn't forced >:^(

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Because we each have the freedom to speak our minds (when it's appropriate and depending on the forum) and do so in good humor!


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the internet archives people's failures forever, but few other websites make it their explicit mission

Because of all the people we make fun of?

The mentally handicapped people we make fun of?
lolcow often seems like a misnomer. a lot of the people discussed here aren't that funny, just eccentrics/fringe types. i wonder how many kiwis are here to laugh, and how many are here to briefly inhabit some e-weirdo's private world
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