Why Do People Hate Vegans? - White supremacist and alt-right hitlers in my salad?


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People don't like vegans because a lot of them seem to care ONLY about certain animals and not people. I've met vegans that will say i'm a horrible person for eating a rabbit but then turn around and seem okay with the exploration of people. There's quite a few instances where people cross the border and get shit jobs picking fruit/veggies on a farm, only to get their papers stolen if they have them and constantly are threatened with ICE so they they work for barely a couple dollars a day. It's totally okay for them because in the end they get their avocados.

Also cows, pigs, chickens, ect are sacred, but tell them about some ugly endangered animal (like the Kauaʻi cave wolf spider or Red-Headed vultures ) and they won't give a shit because they can't use them for moral crusades. Hypocrites.

I have a special hatred of annoying vegans because I knew ones that said I should have died as a kid instead of eating animals. We relied on hunting for nourishment and there was a real chance of starving when i was a kid so yeah, fuck them.

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I've actually read articles and watched videos on this topic before. Anytime the article/ video is made by a vegan, they usually state the usual rhetoric that everyone who doesn't like them is some kind of backwards neanderthal who hates animals and the environment. This got me thinking. Is there something about veganism that causes a distinct lack of self-awareness or are smug, annoying wankers naturally attracted towards veganism?
The lack of vitamin B12.

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I hate vegans because they’re obnoxious as fuck and are treating it like activism vs a lifestyle (if that makes any sense). Which means they wear it on their sleeve.

I don’t agree with eating a lot of red meat for environmental and health reasons but fuck if I’ll tell anyone else what to do. I will also never give up butter or bacon. You can’t have any decent baked goods without butter and eggs. All vegan baked goods or alternative meats taste like shit.

The other thing I hate about vegans is that it’s really fucking expensive. All the alternative foods, staples, ingredients are ridiculously overpriced making it a bougie habit for rich liberals/leftists.


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I used to think veganism developed from a religious source, like Jainism, for example. Turns out, the term was coined by a Britbong in 1944 named Donald Watson in order to describe vegetarians who did not eat dairy or eggs.

I don't like Vegans because, beyond the reasons already mentioned, they reject the idea of animal conservation through culling, which is an important part of modern environmental policy. They'd rather let an animal overpopulate, such as Harp seals in Eastern Canada, than take measures to ensure the ecosystem balance is maintained.

In short, fuck 'em.


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The problem is fundamental. Veganism is not a diet, it's a philosophy that says eating (or, presumably, wearing, owning, etc) products that come from animals is wrong. Doesn't matter if it's because you believe all animals are sacrosanct (note that I do not use the word sacred here), or you believe that it's the only way to save the planet (Hah!), or what.

Not "it's not to my taste", but wrong. Otherwise it's very hard to be consistent, without being ridiculous. You can't say all life is sacrosanct, for example, because vegans don't believe that. You can't say only intelligent life matters, because that just gets into a whole 'nother set of debates, and is really hard to justify things like honey with.

So, basically, you then get a set of possibilities...
  • "I think it's wrong for me, but others are free to believe differently."
  • "I think it's wrong for everyone, but I won't act on my beliefs to avoid annoying others."
  • "I think it's wrong for everyone, and I will damned well act on that belief."
The first possibility is fine, but it's generally the rarest, because it's not self-reinforcing. Personal moral codes that run in opposition to the general social norm are flimsy things, always challenged and usually they collapse, sooner or later. The second possibility may seem outwardly like the first, but it's also unstable, just in another direction. If you truly believe something is wrong, it's very hard to just sit back day after day and not do *anything* about it. It tends to collapse in one direction (apathy, sliding down to possibility 1, or abandoning veganism altogether) or another (frustration and anger, advancing to stage three). And the third possibility... Is your standard vegan.


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No one cares what people put in their mouth (as long as it’s not my relatives or pets). We only care what comes out.

If all that comes out is sanctimonious disdain, I don’t care whether you’re a vegan, a Scientologist or a Communist. i just don’t want to hear about your cult.
Live and let live approach to vegans will end with bacon banned. They don't want YOU to be able to eat meat either. Enjoy your soy fake meat and shoes woven from reeds.


On the far end of the scale, I'm not interested in hearing about your very specific diet or the ethics/skewed statistics that inspire you to do it or tell others about it. On the near end of the scale, I'm bothered by your inability to break bread with me unless I prepare something special for you. It's all anti-social and offensive.

Explain to me how the Inuit survive in permafrost without the ability to grow or acquire vegetables, and are a healthy cultural pocket subsisting on seal fat and fish for 90% of their meals?


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Greta Thunberg is a great example of an annoying, self-righteous, sanctimonious vegan who is also an example of the health risks caused by veganism.

I know a few vegans and most of them aren’t preachy assholes except one. Another one is my niece who posts all these vegan recipes to her Pinterest but seems to get fatter and fatter. 🤔 She’s gotta be eating more snacks than the average person to satiate her constant hunger pains.