Why Do People Hate Vegans? - White supremacist and alt-right hitlers in my salad?


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A charge commonly laid against vegans is that they relish their status as victims, but research suggests they have earned it. In 2015, a study conducted by Cara C MacInnis and Gordon Hodson and published in the journal Group Processes & Intergroup Relations observed that vegetarians and vegans in western society – and vegans in particular – experience discrimination and bias on a par with other minorities.
Today I learned that vegans and vegetarians are the most oppressed minorities in the world. Their oppression rivals that of even gamers.

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I could just say "because they're preachy assholes" again, but I'm not going to do that.
So instead I'll make the question: what of lab grown meat? If this could be made on an industrial level, it'd be cruelty free/methane emission free/etc.

Of course that also means that the population of cattle would plummet as the market pressures causing them to be bred vanish.


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Just saw this and thought about creating camps where we force vegans to convert by force-feeding them all of that excess bacon lying around.

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Today I learned that vegans and vegetarians are the most oppressed minorities in the world. Their oppression rivals that of even gamers.
today I learned vegans get cornered in parking lots being raped beaten and disowned.
Won't someone think of the poor poor kale eaters?
Just saw this and thought about creating camps where we force vegans to convert by force-feeding them all of that excess bacon lying around.

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It's almost like omnivorous brains know what they want deep down and reward you for not keeping yourself in a perpetual state of malnourishment.

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Twitter vegans probably eat a 'vegan' ready meal on Mondays and quote Gary Yourofsky You Tube screeds all week while eating meatball footlongs. Real vegans, who adhere to the vegan philosophy, are rare creatures, because they usually stfu and get on with their chosen way of life. I've probably met a few real vegans but haven't realised because they weren't proselytising arseholes.

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Oh that's an easy one, because they're annoying faggots. When you see one, just push em over, their bones are too brittle to handle all that estrogen hitting the ground.

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Vegans, because even Scientology needs something to laugh about.

People hate vegans because vegans are the only people that invite you to a pot luck and then hand out literature.

They're a fucking cult. A malnourished, egotistical, smug cult.

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Tbh, I would pay serious money for a merlot with a slight taste of freedom stripes bacon. I think that can seriously be called a winegasm.
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Personally, vegans are one of the most saddest people out there. Like, we do need edibles from animals for our bodies, bones and teeth. They think they’re saving the world just because they complain about poor innocent cows getting slaughtered in a factory, getting their meats processed, and then resulting in climate change and other nasty things.

Vegans may be a pain in the ass. On the other hand, carnivores can be edgy and cringy faggots
So am I edgy and cringy?


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I swear to God, none of the people who bitch about vegans have actually met one IRL.

That said, just stop with these articles and trying to force people to be vegan. It's a personal choice and not understanding that preaching and showing factory farming videos doesn't exactly change minds is sheer stupidity. People are reactive by nature and when you tell them not to do something they'll do it harder. Seriously, it's like they're aiming for people to hate them. You could just be a normal human who doesn't think their diet is a "lifestyle" or worth converting people to.

If people can't force vegans to eat meat then why are you trying to force meat eaters to be vegan? It's so goddamn dumb.
Yes, it's a personal choice. But respect for that choice ends where one's mouth opens to talk about it. Don't need to hear it, don't want to hear it, don't care to ever hear it. Vegans can shut up about their diet cult, vegetarians can shut up about their preferences, and omnivores can as well.

Pretty much anybody will be happy to talk about food but when it comes seasoned with condescending shit then that's where the polite mask comes off.

I had a vegan friend. He tried to force his adult cat to be on a vegan diet. He's not a friend anymore nor does he have a cat. I made sure of that with a few phone calls.


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The worst part about vegans is they claim to be pro-animals, and yet these same animals are only so successful thanks to their relationship with humans. You replace pastureland with whatever farms, and the same cows the vegans "set free" would be shot for damaging crops when they wander nearby. That is if they survive in the wild at all.

You never see a chicken complain about how successful its species is. Make up most of the biomass on Earth. All because humans find them tasty sources of protein. Meat eaters want to take chickens to the stars, vegans would prefer chickens go extinct because they're unnatural or something. Who is really pro-animal here?