why do people support trannys?


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Apr 15, 2021
If they're the type of person that's not super gross, doesn't want to chop off their dick and turn their balls into a neg hole and is a more or less a normal down to earth person (by tranny standards anyway) who just wants to live their life I'd support them. In my eyes those types are just people dealing with their brain being fucked and want to be more comfortable with themselves. I can live with that.

Especially if they're cute

But if they're the johnathon yaniv / chris chan / tranch types then they deserve to be ridiculed and shamed


Mar 21, 2019
Because people have been taught to be accepting and tolerant of other people since they've been children. It's so ingrained in society to not reject people because they're 'different' or 'seem weird' that it's exceedingly easy to play on people's sympathy. Reasonable people just want to be accepting and tolerant to people that they think are just 'a bit different'. People like the trans community take advantage of this pavlovian response by characterizing their mental illness and/or deviancy as 'just another person like you trying to live a normal life a little bit differently'. People like to feel like the good guy, so they continue to grit their teeth and tolerate as much as they can no matter how hard the people taking advantage of them push things.


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Oct 19, 2019
Because just accepting who you are and putting on the dress and going out to live your best life is infinitely more healthy than seething about it online under a cute anime girl avatar and username.

Literally nobody is fooled by your 'I hate faggots and trannies' posts except maybe you. Accept who you are.