Why do schools (including colleges) have such a love/hate relationship with the Performing Arts?

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Dec 14, 2017
By now most of you have read the thread about the University of Manchester banning clapping from performances. During the discussion it was discussed about how this is not a new idea as in the past there have been similar efforts to suppress clapping and other noises from the audience. Seeing this I have to wonder why School groups/student unions have such a hatred towards audiences expressing their appreciation for the performance. You don't see this in the professional theaters and music halls as most of them love it when the audience goes wild. However with school/college theaters you often come across people who seemingly don't want anyone to have a good time at the performances.

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Feb 19, 2018
Because people are too far up their own asses.

If they could get away with charging people $1,000 a ticket like some of these Broadway productions do, believe me, they would think they are worth it.

Also, the Performing Arts area is usually jam-packed full of special snowflakes, so I imagine they all have some degree of social anxiety.


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Sep 29, 2018
Schools and colleges like to present themselves as intellectual moral exemplars, wheras a Theater just wants to make $$$ for their owners. This is even moreso in Europe where governements do have far bigger stakes in funding higher education than the US and, especially the UK and the Nordic block moreso again, the government likes to be seen as being a leader in equal oppertunities and diversity.

If someone tried this in a private theater odds are they'd go bust and people would bring their buisness to another provider. Education on the other hand has a hostage audience for the most part. If Manchester is the only viable place you can study Preforming Arts because money and being accepted are big considerations, you're pretty much stuck with them.

It doesn't help that most educationalists have lived in a bubble and rarely ever had to face reality, so their perception of it is often skewed.

TL;DR: Private companies just do what makes money, and shilling for autists doesn't always do that (but when it does, they will). Universities/Colleges have their funding more or less guranteed and can follow whatever hair brained scheme strikes their fancy.

Though not always, there have been a very few select cases where places like Chicago and Yale have had to clamp down on SJW's, because it was driving away big investors. That's really a rare exception though. Others like Oxford in the UK have been ruled by a miniture Black Lives Matter group for the best part of five years now with chief objectives such as removing all dedications and monuments to historical figures from the days of the Empire.
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Aug 14, 2017
I've been at high school award events where they asked people to do spirit fingers instead of clapping, and it's because if everyone claps every time someone gets an award, it takes twice as long to get through it all. And I've also been at high school music nights where they asked people to only clap when a group was done with their set, not at the end of each song. Is this super unreasonable?

Also clapping is, uh, ableist, apparently.