Why do so many lolcows have autism? -

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Because when you don't understand social rules and have an inability to connect emotionally with other, it makes you do/say weird and terrible things.
There's a reason the treatment for autism in the 'good old days' was beating the fuck out of them and locking them in a closet until they behaved. Or so I've heard.
I'm not sure that will work for low functioning nonverbal autists.

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like others said:

poor theory of mind + poor social skills + odd interests + internet = lolcow potential



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Online, where you don't have the benefit of real-time physical feedback and things like sarcasm and trolling are easy for the gullible to mistake as honest friendship or encouragement leads the autist to believe they are in good company when they act out so they are much more unfettered and go on for far longer before realizing something isn't right when their "stage" is Facebook, or Twitter, instead of a classroom or movie theater where people would quickly excise the nuisance in their midst.

In short, the autists' own lack of personal behavior boundaries gets pumped up to 11 when allowed to run amok online.
It doesn't make it any better when you have faggots like "The Captain" and other people using literal mongs as ego masturbation by giving them asspats, calling them she, or making excuses for them. When retarded people would eat their own sperm, masturbate in public, or engage in a lactation fetish, they would be thrown in the basement and beaten until they behave correctly. If you're going to abuse certain rights, then they shouldn't be extended to you. Rights for people like OPL, ADF, and Fire should only include food, shelter, and water....and a dark basement.


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It just seems to be because a lot of them try to double down whenever they see that someone on the internet is making fun of them, or they rage whenever someone dare doubts their sick identities as the best artist or the most intelligent. Because of this, they say some of the most damnest things to make themselves think they are somehow better than the mean cyber bullies.

Basically it’s because a lot of them were raised to believe that they are so special, that anyone telling them anything contrary to that act like no one understands them.


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Plenty of things can affect how someone with autism develops. Environment, severity and medication can have the highest influence.
Chris-chan is a perfect example of environment. Bob and Barb were simply too uninformed and/or too old to give that many fucks. It was easier to just sit Chris down in front of a tv and leave it to the school system to 'fix' him.
Susan Schofield is sadly an example of medication. While Bohdi isn't the lolcow in this scenario his mother is; over medicating her son into a drooling zombie instead of getting him into a program to help him. She uses him to garner pity points and free money.
Nick Bate is severity. Out of control and impossible to maintain his family simply gave up and left him to his own machinations. Of course given free reign he went completely off the rails and devolved into a fucked up subhuman, devoid of even the slightest regret or self control.

In reality au.tism rarely gets in the way of living a normal life. There are plenty of special needs people that have jobs, pay bill and even live on their own. Others might move into group homes. Autist lowcows are usually the worst examples.

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I'm not sure that will work for low functioning nonverbal autists.

Oh, it worked fine.

They rarely survived.

If so, autists were still useful as sewer swabbers & stall muckers, being used to confinement in claustrophobic shit boxes & such. They normally smell like shit anyhow, so......


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"Autism" is a real condition that's been monetized by a mental health system focused on pathologizing everything imaginable for the sake of selling pills.
This in turn has been exploited by those beset with the triple threat of laziness, cowardice & entitlement, who've found a willing accomplice in an industry that's keen on sacking various aid programs in order to keep up with payments on a new Beamer and a house in the Hamptons.


Because the freaks come out on the internet. With the expansion of their ability to record themselves with smartphones and have platforms on various social media sites people are more aware of them now. But they were always around, in the early versions of the internet they were there too, just confined to chatrooms, forums and a small collection of social media sites.

In someways this was actually better for them than these days because no one knew who they were in real life and they could not upload videos of themselves online demonstrating the extent of their Autistic behavior for people to see. Even Chris Chan was apparently working part time and going to community college until 'Youtube' hit.