Why do socialists hate crypto? -

Pickle Dick

I've noticed a trend lately on the socialist side of Twitter of people not having the highest opinion about crypto, NFTs, and their users.

Not saying you have to like crypto, but from how I'm listening to these people, it kind of sounds like they're annoyed that its trying to thwart their socialist utopia or whatever.

Is there any explanation for their hatred of cryptos, or have I already answered my own question?
1) Because socialists want to live in a society (its in the name), crypto makes it easier for decentralized transactions, thus allowing individuals to bypass centralized/collective/public interactions, and the de-facto controls that come with those interactions

2) Further, socialists (in the west) have very recently realized that they can use corporate capitalism to beat individualist capitalism. Hard to have financial independence when your bank blacklists you for WrongThink and Anti-Social behaviors. Crypto is already a counter rising to beat this strategy before it can even be fully implemented

3) Many of them are retarded and don't understand how economics in general works, much less crypto economy

4) TV Man and Intellectual...

Moswald Osley

lol, yeah dude. You know, today only I got 4 crypto ad messages from my regular social media I'm forced to use. I'm sure they just have my best intentions in mind and aren't looking for another sucker who will fomo'd himself into suicide while they get rich off of commisions.
Social media you're forced to use? Who's forcing you to use social media? What kind of Micky Mouse human resources arrangement is that?

Quantum Diabetes

The audacity of gout
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It wasn't the worst cartoon in the world. Maybe they just hate good, clean fun?


Buy dat hell
Being constantly grifted and pushed by "investors" and shady companies. Hard to understand, plus it's creating massive e-waste.
How is running social media not creating more e-waste? Crypto is a drop in the bucket compared multitudes of actually useless shit being run on expensive hardware. Yes, mining fags are annoying and they're eating up the GPU market. But you can actually make money if you invest properly into cryptocurrency, which is more useful than can be said about a lot of things the internet is used for.

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