Why do tumblr weirdos, trans and furries try to give themselves pretentious names?

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A friggin' weeb
Jun 19, 2019
I have noticed when people join the weird internet subcultures they try to give themselves some kind of weirdly spelled pretentious as hell name. And while it's prevalent in the transgender community and kind of understandable there, it's common outside of it too. But why not normal naming schemes? Why do they always go with weird? Is it just some overflow of special snowflake syndrome, a desire to be unique and special? or something else?


May 30, 2019
Because all three of those things tend to attract people who are perpetual chuunibyo, a.k.a. have "8th-grader syndrome". These particular internet subcultures let them assert a special, self-created identity that everyone else around them is obligated to acknowledge and respect. (In fact, creating your special new identity is pretty much a core aspect of both the furry and trans communities, around which everything in them revolves.) The kind of person who has no problem with just being regarded as plain ol' John/Jane Smith or even being mostly anonymous online probably doesn't get much out of openly participating in these communities in the first place.

On a probably related note, both the Tumblr and furry communities have a significant amount of members who act like elementary schoolers when it comes to people "copying" things from others, which is more pressure for your identity to be extra super unique.

TL;DR - They are all mentally 14-year-old girls.


Jul 18, 2021
because obvious and routine names are fucking boring and sound retarded.
Pretentious ones are just retarded.
That's all the difference.
Also, r.i.p. Wereknight, the only good name I end up with, for once. You'll not be missed though.