Why do we give objects names? - Are we just that lonely?

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Domo Arigato
Oct 1, 2013
Are you talking about "Why do we call a stapler a 'stapler'"? Or "I name my stapler Camilla?" in this situation?

Because if it's the former, it's quite simple really- we have to call them something, otherwise we'd be referring to them as "thing".


Smartest monkey on the spinning space rock
Apr 16, 2018
We name things to create a memory.

For instance, I call my dick Chris Brown because he loves to slap a bitch.

I wonder if I'm the only one who likes to put googly eyes on random shit...


i hate the internet and in return it hates me
True & Honest Fan
Feb 28, 2015
meta question: why is the word objects called objects?

Zack the ripper

Super villain
Jun 4, 2018
i think by naming stuff it becomes more personal you know
'i was playing with ma dog'
'i was playing with eddy'
see the difference?
as a kid i remember naming things as so they would become my friends and thus won't hurt me :biggrin:
it maybe loneliness too !
50 cent used to nickname his guns to prove he is intimate with em you feel me ?