Why do women hate other women so much? - Discuss why and also give stories.

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Women at software companies completely mystify me. Any individual woman can be as good a coworker/programmer as any man, but fuck having a team at a software company with more than one woman, as two+ women in a team will just get into arguments about the most mundane fucking bullshit and never shut up.

One time, early in my career, we were trying to get people to share knowledge by writing documentation down in wikis, and it worked fine for all the guys, but the two women who were older (and even friends with each other) flipped out and kept having edit wars and screaming matches.

Male programmers who don't like each other will just get super passive aggressive and stop speaking to each other, but nothing will fuck up a team like a couple of female programmers who are both trying to be one of the guys.

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Because women suck at competitive dominance and can't stand when another woman is smarter, more attractive or successful than them because it makes them look like failures by comparison whether or not they actually are. Generally, females are taught that looks matter and other women who make them look bad are the worst. But they'll only really tell someone this as soon as the other woman's out of earshot because they don't want to sever that social connection just in case it could push them further ahead.

At least, that might be the case. I dunno.


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I'm sure you've all seen something like this firsthand. I see or hear about this at a nearly daily basis from female coworkers. Women just seem to hate other women. Is it some kind of primal competitive thing?

I've seen women go from being cordial and professional while talk to a man (namely myself), to going into immediate bitchmode when some female shows up, even if they don't know them at all. It's like women are A-logs for other women.

I don't really see men doing this same thing either. It seems to be a specifically female thing.

What about the rest of you?

The reasons I always hear: other women are vapid backstabbers who live only to fuck and gossip.

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Male-on-male aggression tends to take on forms that are less legal.
Dude, have you even seen women fight? When men fight, it's usually fists only.
Women will pull hair, scratch, bite and kick without hesitation.
Granted, it takes less for men to duke it than it does women, but they're called "catfights" for a reason.

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I once watched from my porch as a group of ghetto-wannabe teens not from my neighborhood walked down my street into the nearby field where two girls then got into a verbal argument that devolved into fist fighting and hair pulling amidst yells of "Get the fuck off me!" and other bitchiness while everyone circled them. Then when it was done, they all left the same way they came. Not sure what the big deal was, it was baffling yet amusing to watch unfold.

Girls turn into catty bitches over the dumbest shit and I just don't get it. I honestly prefer the gossiping hens stereotype when it comes to female behavior, at least they socialize.

On the non-violent side that backs up the "breeding competition" behavior, according to my mom one of the girls she was acquaintances with from school had the hugest crush on my dad and has held a grudge against her just for being "best girl", in weeb terms (Dad had like a harem of girls crushing after him in high school). The last time she crossed her path was years ago at the store and she ignored Mom's polite attempt to greet her. So apparently some women just like being miserable and can't get over their high school days.


As much as modern humanity wants to pretend biology doesn't matter, there's a whole mixture of chemicals inside a woman's brain right now saying that she's the one with the best genes, and every other woman is a threat to her genetic immortality, even when the workplace has fucking zero to do with those things. Men prefer to be in groups against groups, women prefer being the only special one. Why the fuck do you think women talk shit about other women to men? They don't know it themselves but they're doing exactly what their body chemistry wants: Eliminating any competition. Even if she's not looking for a guy in the first place. Biology is awesome.

For extra laughs, I was looking up this thing: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Queen_bee_syndrome

Very stubby, and blames men for the whole thing ("it's just women trying to emulate what dipshits men are to succeed in business.") You gotta love it. When women start getting pissy at each other, it's still all men's fault and all documentation on it becomes scarce. This is the most deficient patriarchy I've ever been a part of.


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As a female I am an equal opportunity hater. Although I definitely tend to hate other females more because we're always on the go with the pettiest ass shit. Men can air their business and move along, women don't. There's also that argument of like- women not telling men what they actually want- we do that to ourselves as well except purposely as a way to have more reasons to be pissed at a fellow female. It's like we have a running score of slights that we collect up as a reason to be ever more petty and nasty, all while having a smile on our face most of the time. I think it has to do with social dominance. The need to be on top and in control, to let the other women around know you're the one in charge.

Men can be competitive during an interaction and be bust buddies when the interaction is over, women don't do this so it's like a game that never ever stops. It probably boils down to biological differences and brain chemistry with a dash of socialization but I don't think you can accurately define it or give a full scope of the reasons for it because it's kind-of an integral aspect of the female experience.


Women are usually extremely stubborn and will do anything to fit in. Women usually cannot comprehend difference in opinion, and instead their stubborn-ness causes them to feel threatened by it. A lot of women I know personally will hide their opinions out of fear because other (((womyn))) consider any other opinion a personal attack. This is just my personal experience though. I tend to bond more with men nowadays. Women live to intimidate each other...


And stop pretending like men are just these buffoons that go in bro mode all the time.
Men gossip as much and maybe even more than women do.
It's ironic that a bunch of men are bitching and gossiping on a thread asking why women gossip and bitch. Beware the leaven of the Pharisees.
Tu quoque. Start a thread on men's behavior.


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In my experience, pettiness is usually borne out of insecurity coupled with (real or perceived) helplessness. Lots of women feel insecure but don't think they have the ability to fix the causes of their insecurity. They then meet another woman who doesn't seem to have a problem with the thing they're insecure about: prettier, better hair, more confident (that's a BIG one in my experience), bigger tits, etc... and they hate her for it and externalize it with bitchiness. In contrast, men tend to idolize, follow, and attempt to emulate other men whom they find superior to themselves.

Or maybe I'm wrong and the answer is just because periods.

It's probably because periods.

One time I had another girl tell me I was a "loser fuckface" because I refused her offer to give me a makeover and told her that I'd rather just be myself. I was eight and knew perfectly well that wearing adult makeup, skanky clothes, and acting like a loud, flighty airhead wasn't going to make me happy. And I was a "loser fuckface" for it, I guess.

...I got to spit on her new shoes though. That was neat.
You should petition the mods to change your username to "Loser Fuckface" immediately.

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I wonder if this is related to women entering the workforce during and after WWII. Because back in "the good ol days" women spent all day with each other doing house and village work. Unless things were just as catty back then, too...
Women at home constantly shit on each other, sisters , in-laws you name it. A lot of females are either insecure as hell or feel the urge to be the "top bitch". It's pretty sad, and I do believe women are more misogynistic than men. Straight men, at least, usually just patronize women at worst.

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Dude, have you even seen women fight? When men fight, it's usually fists only.
Women will pull hair, scratch, bite and kick without hesitation.
Granted, it takes less for men to duke it than it does women, but they're called "catfights" for a reason.
So what, do you feel more threatened by a girl scratching and kicking you than a guy who wants to break your nose?

I think we have a tendency to prioritize policing male aggression because the risk of bodily harm is more obvious. It happens that most women couldn't be a credible physical threat even if they wanted to, so they learn to express their aggression with words instead. The result is a society where men have a lot more to lose from not learning some level of restraint, and women are left to basically self-police each other.

I don't know what or when the right solution will be, but whenever we get around to it, I'd suggest starting with the women who feel the need to berate retail workers about trivial bullshit.