Why do you criticize/dislike/hate Donald John Trump Senior? - Come criticize the US's 45th President here

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Jan 8, 2019
A lotta dudes on here talk about his bravado, shits a grift. Its pretty much always top news story about that or some inane shit he said, moreso when they dont have a different distraction. I dont pay attention to gubment that much, though cuz they all grifters.

My biggest complaint: hes always on the news with some weird shit. But he hasnt pulled out of the 20 wars we've sunk into with no real end in sight or reason to keep being there. And hes soft on china

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Aug 15, 2016
For the record, I maxed out contributions to his primary and general election. I waited in the freezing cold so I could get to the first row so he could autograph my sign. I manned the phones, knocked on doors, and was even a poll watcher.

My opinion on Trump changed around the time he got blown the fuck out on the spring 2018 omnibus where he was fucked out of wall funding but bragged about a $10 billion increase in defense spending, something nobody wanted. I don’t dislike him, I just think he’s a dud. Here’s why:

- Lets his dumbass daughter and son in law run around and play-pretend being power brokers.
- Goes to bat for establishment candidates who fuck him over at every opportunity.
- Does a lot of tweeting but not a lot of action. The man turned squandering political opportunity into an art form.
- Talks about draining the swamp but brings in the absolute dregs of the swamp and acts surprised when these swamp creatures stab him in the back.
- Only willing to stick his neck out for Israeli boondoggles. This leads to true WTF moments like his pardon of the rabbi of a slaughterhouse full of Mexican illegals in Iowa. He’ll let Paul Manafort rot in a prison cell in solitary confinement conditions, though.
- His “record low unemployment rates for black tranny lesbians in wheelchairs” bits are long since old.
- Knowing that he will run as a white nationalist to get elected and then run back to doing kosher crap will get very annoying.