Why Do You Post on Kiwi Farms? - DEEP THOTS


도널드 트럼프 승리의 소금.
It's to read about what's going on with things, and also so I can toss out a tidbit of news that I find every so often.
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Turanist Shitposter

Xir people need Xir
No cencorship.
Like minded users which both make me laugh and think.
loled a lot at null's reply to Kiwi Police. For this reply alone I'd occasionally visit the site.
Nice to track wtf is going on around the world, especially in terms of niggers, faggots and troons and pedos.
Even some avatars alone make me laugh.
Thanks kiwis.
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To learn, and to practice some written English. And the damn stickers play their part.

One of the pleasures of my life is to learn and be challenged by what l learn.
The Farms broaden my vision, it gives me empathy while reminding me how shitty the world can be. It is a haven of reality in a world that lies routinely.

I guess that's it. Anything else is by pure accident, but I take it in stride and enjoy my stay here.
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Because frankly this is the only popular forum today that doesn't feature Nazi moderation and yet the userbase isn't a bunch of shitposting morons.
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Morbid curiosity and challenging my worldview. I used to be optimistic about humans as individuals - as in, I figured everyone had intellectual potential, they are simply not given the opportunity to learn, never asked the right questions to spur curiosity and development - the farms shows me the very bottom of the barrel, and it's fascinating.

Also the community varies in ideology (and I probably fall into the lefternmost wing that is berated the most), but it is agreed on one thing that I too, consider very important - everything can be a topic of discussion and censorship is never an option. No matter how vile your thoughts might be from my point of view, noone should attempt to silence you for having them. That's part of living in a pluralistic democracy.

....also autism.


a place to let loose and talk about/laugh at internet personalities without getting kicked off for using GAMER WORDS is nice.
usually my friend circles either don't know these people or they like these people, and i can never talk about their spergish behavior without boring them with details. plus i don't want to ruin their perception of like, internet personalities they genuinely enjoy following.
here on farms everyones autistic and already knows all the details of these people so it's just easier.

also for the most part farms users are willing to correct themselves and others regarding misinformation, and there's no bias or censorship regarding information, which makes it the ideal site to catch up on current events.

D min7

I’m not too much of a poster and more of a lurker as far as things go, but I’ve always found this site interesting. It’s surprisingly diverse in its userbase despite what it seems on the outside, and it’s one of the few online forums around with a highly active community. I like reading up on information posted here be it drama, news, or anything else, plus it’s actually pretty chill here too.


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Back in 2013: Autism focused on Chris and the lolcow threads that would soon follow.

Today as of this post: Autism ingrained as a daily thing when I got nothing better to do outside of school/work even though lolcows lost their appeal.
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