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"The truth is stranger than fiction", and this site is really good at documenting the TRUE and HONEST FAXKs instead of just idly reposting what their neighbor said was true.

It's also nice as people actually fucking speak their minds about what they thought of what you posted and that's fun.

Lastly, I enjoy statements like "I keep hearing about an anal hook and I'm too afraid to ask what it is" ( don't worry @Corn Flakes found out in the Gibes thread) and this site is ripe with them.


The moderation is not retarded and the userbase is great. You guys are funny, big brained, hulkamaniacs and hate black people to boot, what's not to love? But seriously I feel like these type of forums are what I was looking for in discussions. Like a sliver of old internet back when people didn't feel the need to post the same thing over and over again slightly modified with an emoji at the end and a "like and retweet for more takes like this". I genuinely missed this, it's so fun reading you guys and laughing my ass off at your jokes, it takes away the gravity of all the schizophrenia-ridden world and makes me feels less alone in my autism.
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I like that there's free speech and you can have unpopular and shitty opinions. I also like that at the same time, it's not overrun by pedos, degenerates and extremists everywhere like free speech/anonymous posting places with light moderation online tend to be. You can easily avoid the news subforum and most of that kind of stuff is quarantined in there. It's moderated just right.


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Because I haven't got anything else better to do with my time. Because Social Justice has spread like syphilis through my peers, and pointing out fallacies, predators and the complete and utter lack of free speech will get me excommunicated. Because I can say, "Trump is on the other side of the fucking world to our country, America is on the other side of the world, and you're a blithering fucking retard who keeps forgetting that you don't live there, calm the fuck down, it has nothing to do with us." Because I can say what I want to say. Because I like laughing at people making idiots of themselves on the internet. Because I'm stupid enough to prod at the dragon. Because it's educational. Because I enjoy being here.

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Initially I only made an account to archive stuff during the Ralph/Warski Miami Trip. Now I largely post here because 4chan's capchas are annoying, and I'm too lazy to set up my own fediverse instance.
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