Why Do You Post on Kiwi Farms? - DEEP THOTS


Jan 11, 2018
I'm not really sure. I don't even really use the Lolcow forums nor do I follow them. Never have, honestly. I think I just come here because it's an active place with close to no censorship protocol and a constant stream of random topics to comment on out of boredom. I'm wary of most people here and it's not my kind of place to go making friends, but a social zoo is kind of fun to explore from time to time. I guess I had a different attitude when I first arrived here, but I've sort of grown out of whatever that was.

It's kind of like fast food. It can be great in the moment if you're comfortable in that lifestyle, but regardless, it'll always leave you feeling somewhat sluggish and devitalized later on. You keep coming back for more because you're used to it and you enjoy the feeling until it's gone. But once things change in your life and you get more into eating better food - finding that the effort of making it at home is worth eating something that is fresh and energizing - the desire to go back to fast food becomes sparse and lives on as a minor indulgence.

It feels nice to know that a few people you don't know might enjoy reading your writing, but that's just the thing - you don't know them. I find it far more emotionally rewarding to focus on just a few people and be somebody in their lives rather than a nobody on here. That's how I see it, anyways.

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Feb 3, 2013
I first started posting on the old Chris board, and stuck around. I like reading and talking about weirdos and oddballs, and this is generally the place to do so. And I know I tend to be one of the more lefty posters here, but problem is, on a lot of lefty boards, I'm looked at as not lefty enough. So it sucks after awhile.

(Sometimes the whole "troons hur hur" and political shit can get old after awhile, but most of it seems to be for shock value anyways.)

I also like talking to people whose viewpoints are different than mine, without the whole, "you're a Nazi/Commie/Satanist/Whatever"
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May 25, 2013
I signed up to see attachments and keep up with the Sonichu guy, really got active around Jace and the Tupacalypse, then I just sorta got into the groove.


Dec 16, 2019
Because being here is fun, and also because I can talk to people about stuff I usually can't in public without getting yelled at for being a "FUCKING TRUMP SUPPORTER".

Oh, and also because I find people sperging over multicolored horses funny.


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Jun 4, 2020
I used reddit a fair few years ago, and I could see how it was turning into yet another mothers cradle, so I ditched out. Most of the old forums I used to use were on facebook, and I refuse to use that spyware shite. I had heard of this place on reddit as a few people claimed it was the No.1 Hatesite, took a look and stuck around. I was a long term lurker for a few years before I signed up, wanted to see the lay of the land before I jumped in. Since then, its really the only place that at least lets people from all backgrounds duke it out over some pointless subject.

In short, it feels like the old internet, back when I was young and the world had so many things to explore. Plus I moved from a city slicker to living in the middle of nowhere that doesnt even have street lights, nice to have at least somethinc coming close to humans to engage with.


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Apr 16, 2019
I got tired of Reddit and deleted my account but still wanted somewhere to converse online.